The Seven Swords of Bathrick

I optioned another feature script recently; well, about 6 weeks ago. I still can’t really say too much about it, except it’s been taken up by Dawn Dusk Films, which is a new production company run by Marion Pritchett. Marion’s a lovely woman who’s very enthusiastic about the script; which is great. The script is:


Action Comedy.

A petty thief, a disgraced royal guard, a powerless wizard, a ninety year old bodyguard and a trainee warrior maiden must unite to free the Kingdom from an evil Sorceress. There’s just one snag, they don’t want to.

The Seven Swords of Bathrick is a tongue in cheek fantasy which perfectly combines laugh out loud humour with the breathtaking excitement of an action adventure story.

To date, Marion has only asked a small re-write; all of the points she mentioned made sense and all of the changes were beneficial to the script. Plus it gave me the opportunity to fix a handful of scenes I wasn’t happy with anymore. I’m sure when a director comes on board he’ll want more changes; but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what they are.

Marion’s already approached several actors/actresses and seems to be really driving the project forward. I wish I could say more; but it’s far too early to give out any specific details. Suffice it to say, although I know it’s very early days and there’s plenty of time for things to go wrong, at the moment I have a very good feeling about this project and feel it has a very high chance of actually being produced.

I’ll post more details as and when they become more concrete; but for now, I’m a very happy man.

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2 thoughts on “The Seven Swords of Bathrick

  1. Ward

    So what inspired the name for the script?

  2. Well, Seven because there seem to be a lot of seven things in films: dwarves, samurai, brides for brothers … etc; swords because it’s about magic swords and Bathrick … can’t remember. I wrote it about six years ago, I think it was a name I just made up.

    I notice you’ve got an email address … What does the word mean to you?

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