Good news dribbles in.

I’ve had a few odds and ends of good news over the last few days. Nothing major in itself; but I thought I’d collate them all.

I’ve spent the week working on a third draft of the martial arts movie; this has been the hardest draft so far, since it needed a completely new ending which had ramifications all the way back through the script.


Hopefully it’s beginning to take shape properly now and the next set of rewrites will be tweaking within this established structure. Mind you, I thought that last time.

On Wednesday, I had an email from Terry Newman about 120 DAYS OF SADDAM a sitcom script he, I and a few others wrote in 2005. It’s still ticking along and has been making great progress. There’s now a committed cast (including John Rhys-Davies) and the proposal is being read by all the right people. I’m not sure how much I can say about it, but there are more details at the Screenplay Productions website.

Yesterday, on a whim, I Googled GROOVE BRITANNIA, the name of a short film I and Marion Kilpatrick wrote and sold earlier this year. I haven’t heard anything from the producer or director since receiving the cheque; and was wondering if anything ever came of it. I found two actors who have the film on their resumes, so something must have happened. I’ve dashed off an email, hopefully I’ll get a reply soon.

And finally, today I heard (indirectly) from a friend who runs a corporate production company. He wants (and has done for a while) me to work for him one day a week, mainly brainstorming with a smattering of writing. This has been an ongoing discussion for months now, but he’s finally got round to setting a specific date.

So there you go, it’s all progress. Slow in some cases, but I’m still inching my way forward.

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