Bits and bobs.

A week since my last post, what have I been up to?


Well, not nothing; just nothing writing wise. That’s right, I had a week off. It was fun, I got to spend some time with my wife (yay!) and the RSI in my right index finger has almost disappeared. I’m relaxed, rested and ready to get back to work.

Lots of little bits of news in the last few/next few days. In no particular order:

Had an email from Kevin McDonagh, the director of CHAMELEON, confirming they’re using my script.

I’m starting work for POP Productions tomorrow. It’s a trial day to see how we get on, the plan is a regular brainstorming session to develop new projects. Have to wait and see if I can provide what they’re looking for and whether I can realistically cover the distance. I hope it pans out, it would be nice to have a regular income.

THE EVOLVED is going to be screened at the Gothenburg Film Festival with some kind of talk/discussion thing after about ultra low budgt film making. Should be hilarious, hopefully we’ll have a blast.

And finally, this is not progress or an achievement or even anything to do with writing, but it made me laugh; someone found my website using the search terms: man with firework in arse. Nice to see the internet is being used for educational purposes.

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