Monday was my first day of brainstorming for POP Productions; and what a fantastic day it was. I’ve worked for POP before, it’s not a completely out of the blue job. For about a year, I was head writer for a proposed on-line sitcom The WOW Life. Most weekends, myself and a team of writers sat in a room and tried to make each other laugh. It was hard work, but a fantastic job to have. If I tell you the other writers were all not only funny and talented; but also good looking women, you can maybe understand how great an experience it truly was.

As head writer I got to hire some people, sit in on casting, organise script meetings, attend shootings, write a load of episodes and generally keep my finger in every pie. I loved it. The format was daily, ten minute episodes: Monday to Friday. We wrote enough step outlines to cover the first 12 weeks and scripted the first 4.

Unfortunately, the production was plagued with regular massive set backs which means the pilot week (although filmed) has yet to be aired.

Monday’s session was a different crowd, but no less entertaining. We had an agenda, several briefs to fulfill, which gave the whole thing a bit of direction. They’re a nice bunch of people and there were some good ideas floating around. All in all, I had a great day. That was the first of regular sessions, plus I get paid the same amount for the odd day working from home.

A regular income, at long last. It may not be enough to buy that Aston Martin yet, but it’s a small step towards it.

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