Yankee Disco

I’m elbow deep (that’s like knee deep, but more pleasant) in re-writes for a second feature film for Yankee Disco Productions, the team behind THE EVOLVED. I love writing with these guys for several reasons:

1) Anything goes. I can write anything I like and no one will get offended, upset or moralistic. They have a very similar sense of humour to me; if anything, they over step boundaries I won’t. It’s very refreshing to know I won’t get stupid notes back about “will people find this funny?” Basically, if we like it, it goes in the film.

2) They will actually film it. This is a massive bonus. In an industry where people give you assurances and then completely disappear, meeting a group of people who actually achieve what they set out to do is priceless. Not only will they finish what they start, but they will actually start what they promise – this is really rare.

3) They’ll make it quickly. I have several films which have been in pre-production for a long time. They may one day start shooting, they may not. The waiting is the frustrating part. These guys will have a final edit of the film within a year. Hell, they’ll probably have it in the shops within a year. They work fast. So fast, in fact, that THE EVOLVED was in production before we’d finished the script.

Okay, so we’re never going to win an Oscar for best film; but the results are funny and it’s fantastic knowing the effort you put into a project will actually result in a finished product. To be able to walk into a DVD shop and put your hands on something you wrote is a great ego boost and makes all the bigger money, longer distance deals seem worth waiting for.

Plus, on what other project can you receive notes like:

13.  Alan & Dave make it to Shirley Bassey’s house but hold back when they see Tom Jones arrive – spying, they hear Tom Jones ask Shirley Bassey for  Zarthrax’s cock and ball’s.

It’s purile, it’s childish and it’s a bit crap; but the results are very, very funny. I wish I knew more film makers like them.

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3 thoughts on “Yankee Disco

  1. You lucky bar steward. Do they want my card?! I’m probably cheaper than you… ; )

  2. No one’s cheaper than me.

  3. Oh I doubt that. I have NO shame my friend and obviously do not need to eat or clothe my children…

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