It’s sadder than you think

Evolved DVD

I know this is quite sad, but I couldn’t resist it. This is the first time I’ve actually seen THE EVOLVED in a DVD shop; even though I’ve already got two copies, I had to buy it.

I’ve got one copy from Amazon and one copy my wife bought from the states. Oh, plus a pre-release copy from the guys who made it. Thing is, I’ve never seen it in a shop and I’ve never actually walked up to the counter and bought it.

I had to do it, didn’t I?

The sad bit is taking a photo. The really sad bit is after leaving the shop, I found out the photo hadn’t saved. I then went back to the shop and asked if it was okay if I put the DVD back on the shelf in order to re-take the photo.

Oddly enough, the assistant looked at me as if I was mad. Can’t think why, it seemed like a perfectly reasonable request to me.

Thankfully he said yes. Actually, what he said was:

“Do what you like, I don’t give a shit.”

For some reason, he didn’t seem to share my excitement. A few moments earlier, when I bought the DVD, the guy at the till asked what it was: “Some kind of Nazi puppet porn?”

“Erm, yes?”

That seemed to satisfy him, I think he was even considering buying one.

So there you have it. The saddest thing I’ve done for a long time. I would be ashamed, but I’m still far too excited.

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2 thoughts on “It’s sadder than you think

  1. Excellent! Sad bastardom taken to the max. I’d have done exactly the same. Don’t let anyone tell you they wouldn’t have either.

  2. Me too, without a doubt!

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