NewsRevue makes good

NewsRevue have finally paid what they owe me. Hopefully they’ve paid everyone else too. For anyone not following this saga, you can fill yourself in here and the follow-up here. In basic terms, they hadn’t paid me for a year, now they have.

Which actually is quite cool. A whole year’s pay in one lump sum – it’s going to be a fairly merry Christmas after all. NewsRevue may pay slightly less than a pittance per sketch; but add them up over a year and it makes a nice little end-of year-bonus.

And now I’m off to blow it all on comics before anyone gets the chance to suggest something sensible.

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2 thoughts on “NewsRevue makes good

  1. No cheque for myself and Piers. Glad you got yours — looks like we’ll have to yell louder if we want to see ours.

  2. Don’t yell, email. It’s easier on the throat and unless you’re yelling in the middle of a performance, they probably won’t hear you.

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