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Why do scriptwriters use pseudonyms on their blogs?

I understand why people blogging about their view of the world might want to keep their identity hidden, I understand why people who blog about porn or murder or something equally socially unacceptable might want to keep it a secret from their mum/wife/imaginary friends; but why would a scriptwriter not want people to know who they are?

Let me clarify that, I’m not talking about known writers, people whose work you may have gone looking for, people who may want an anonymous forum to slag off the people they’re working with/for; I’m talking about aspiring writers, people who need the exposure.

Why would you not want people to know who you are? Sometimes I read a blog by someone who claims to be a scriptwriter, I like what they have to say and I wonder what they’ve written, what stage their career is at; but I can’t find out because they have no real details on their profile.

This phenomenon isn’t restricted to blogs; over on Trigger Street, a site specifically designed to help writers improve, network and gain a little exposure – why would you not use your real name?

Do people have so little confidence in their own work they don’t want to be associated with it? Do people think their ideas are so offensive or just plain wrong it’s better to pretend to be someone else? Is it a fantasy thing, a chance to actually be someone else? Is it experience, knowing everything you write on the net can and will be taken the wrong way by a small minority of angry adolescents? Or is it just because everyone else does it and it seems the done thing?

I know I need all the exposure I can get. The more people who hear my name, the better; I want my name associated with my work. I genuinely don’t know why other writers don’t feel the same way, but I’d love to find out.

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2 thoughts on “User names

  1. Well, let’s say you lay down some righteous anger about a show that’s on at the moment.

    There are people in the industry who read blogs. And if they’ve got hire-and-fire power over me, y’know, I’d rather they talked to me directly about my opinions of their show rather than get it off the internet.

    A pseudonym allows you to vent at will. The alternative is to not slag. The shows I dislike, you can ask me about down the pub.

    It means I don’t get to rag publicly on a few shows that I don’t like, but the payoff is that my onscreen identity is the same as my offscreen one.

    Horses for courses.

  2. Does that mean some people would rather have the freedom to slag off someone else’s work than gain a little publicity for their own?

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