‘Tis the wrong time to be writing

Fah la, la la la, la la, la, la

I’ve so much to do at the moment and time just keeps disappearing. I keep getting calls from friends and family who want to pop round and say hello before Christmas. Some of these people I haven’t seen for six months or longer, which makes it very hard to refuse them. Each of them only stays a day or two, but they keep on coming.

From their point of view I’m only giving up a day, that’s not too much to ask; and anyway, I work from home so it’s not like proper work, is it?

Tony Blair works from home, I bet he doesn’t have this problem.

I don’t begrudge spending time with my friends, if I did, they wouldn’t be my friends; but it would be helpful if we could split the Christmas period into two. Keep Christmas One in December for everyone whose surname begins A-M; and invent another Christmas in July for surnames N-Z.

There must be some other religious festival in the summer which we can subvert, invent random symbolism for, forget the actual religious connotations and swamp with rampant commercialism? Surely?

Failing that, could we add another few hours to each day?

There has to be some solution to this, other than getting rid of all my friends or moving house and not telling anyone. All suggestions gratefully received.

On a slightly less whiny note:

— I’ve moved forward to the next round of… hmm, it’s not really a competition, or is it? Gumball 3000 are looking for script writers for a feature, they’ve narrowed it down to a 100 and I’m one of them. I suppose it is a competition, it just doesn’t feel like one.

— Corporate work continues to dribble in. It’s a steady trickle and mostly comedy, which suits me fine.

— I’ve been getting some great notes on THE BEEFEATERS, the next film for Yankee Disco (more frequently referred to as ‘those weirdos who made that film with the Nazi Puppet on the cover‘)  Check out a sample:

“We want the two Cuba Gooding Jnrs to be African tribesmen, one a medicine man and one a chief, who Tom Jones promised jobs as Traffic Wardens.”


“there is a mine of comedy related to having a dragon spunk bomb explode up your ass and the consequences thereof. I would encourage you to pursue that line of thought”

or, my personal favourite:

“someone in the film has to get addicted to Crystal Meth”

— Today, I might actually manage to finish a feature script I’ve been writing for the past couple of weeks. It’s been taking me longer than expected due to several layers of symbolism within the script which all need to be linked together. Plus, I keep finding my knowledge of socialism in the 1980’s is poor at best.

There’s no set deadline for this project, but I have a feeling I said I’d send it in a couple of days ago. Time to knuckle down, except, no; there goes the bloody doorbell again.

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3 thoughts on “‘Tis the wrong time to be writing

  1. Ding dong! Only me! Budge up. Two sugars please, and is that shortbread? Don’t worry, I’ve brought my own campbed.

  2. That other holiday you’re looking for that’s gone rampantly commercial and whose original meaning has been lost — Easter, no?

    Mine’s a Creme Egg.

  3. Maybe, but Easter is one of those weird floating holidays that I can never remember. Plus, we already get holidays around then.

    I want an extra holiday and I think in the spirit of mulit-culturism we should adopt something from a different religion and trash that.

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