December Top Trumps

It’s that time of month again, The Treason Show final running order has been released and it’s time to play Treason Show Top Trumps.

This month, the results are:

Gordon:                 15

Me                          0


I’ve thought of a better way of looking at this. I didn’t write any sketches this month, at all. So, technically, I had 100% of my sketches performed. That’s a pretty good success rate. I bet you can’t beat that, Gordon, can you? Huh? Can you beat that, punk?

No, thought not.

Take your winnings and bank them with shame, for I have the moral high-ground.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit chilly up here and I can’t afford to buy a scarf. Lend us a few quid, mate?

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One thought on “December Top Trumps

  1. Hmm, let’s see. Corporate comedy & freelance feature film scribe with a clutch of credits cradled to his blossoming bosom … versus … cheap, broke, gag jockey, with a weakness for alliteration.

    You decide.

    And if you can’t, bear in mind I wrote a gag for the Treason Show this month about the death of Desert Orchid that involved glue. And they used it.

    C’mon. That’s low.

    I’m just glad we’re playing Top Trumps and not Scruples.

    It was a funny gag though.

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