I’m new to this blogging game, but it seems to be the done thing to sum up your year. So here goes:

Got rejected by every agent in the land. Again.

Sold the script that every agent in the land rejected me over last year. (These things aren’t connected, it just makes me feel better to see them together.)

Won ‘Reader of the Month’ on Trigger Street, despite not having had time to review scripts for months.

Got the job as script editor for Night Junkies.

The Evolved failed to get into Tromadance, the festival hosted by the company the film was specifically designed for.

Found out that Troma wanted to distribute The Evolved on DVD.

After months of wondering if The Wow Life(an on-line sitcom) would ever happen, the website arrived. Everyone on the writing team gets very excited.

The website consequently disappears and hasn’t been seen since. Everyone on the writing team gets very disappointed.

LVJ needed more re-writes, despite having been a finished film when I was asked to write a tiny new scene for it in 2001. 6 years in post-production and counting.

A couple of short scripts were runners up in Marchmont’s short film invitation.

Had eleven producers/directors contact me (me!) out of the blue, asking if I was available to work on a feature script for them.

After a few weeks of discussion (and, in some cases, down payments) nine of them disappear, never to be heard of again. Emails bounce, phones are disconnected, mail goes unanswered. Took the money and ran.

Went to Cannes for the first time. Met Andrew Senior, a guy I’d written The Evolved with, a guy I’d been in contact with for a year and had yet to meet. In fact, I didn’t even recognise him since he’s heavily made up in the film.

Oddly enough, I recognised everyone from the production company because they were in the film, except the one guy I’d actually spoken to. I spent the best part of a week with these random strangers, and had a great time. I like to think I overcame a little of my naturally shy nature; but, then again, I haven’t spoken to any new people since.

Had somebody in a pub ask me if I was “the legendary genius, Phill Barron?” I pretended I hadn’t heard her until someone came and took her away. This was in relation to writing sketches for The Treason Show and Newsrevue, not for any pub based shenanigans.

Got rejected by every BBC sketch writing initiative going.

Recieved a random rejection from an agent for a script I hadn’t written. I presume they were bored and thought: ‘I know, we haven’t rejected Phill for a while. Let’s drop him a line.’

Sold another two short films. One of them actually got made! At least I think it did; several actors have the film on their CV, but I haven’t seen a copy of it yet.

Had a minor fight break out over the rights to one of my scripts. I only wish the two companies involved had enough money to get into a bidding war. They didn’t, I’m still broke.

Got paid to write two feature films. I’m still broke.

Had seventeen people desperately interested in making various short films. Not one of them actually managed it.

Came runner up in Trigger Street‘s ‘Script of the Month’. Won coverage from Script Shark which resulted in a CONSIDER, which resulted in a mild flurry of Hollywood mailings, which resulted in a discussion with Colin O’Reilly who really liked the script, which resulted in…

Nothing. Still broke.

This is turning into a long post.

Got asked to contribute to a sitcom pilot. Never heard anything since.

Heard a sitcom I wrote last year is under consideration at ITV. Haven’t heard anything since.

Got the opportunity to submit a spec script for ‘Footballer’s Wives Extra Time’. They were looking for new writers, my name came up, submitted a spec script (along with 13 other people), found out it wasn’t the best, but wasn’t the worst – it depends how many writers they needed for the new series…

The series gets cancelled.

Huh, that’s weird. Just going through the year’s emails and I’ve found one from someone I don’t know asking if I want to be her friend. I think I would.

Got asked to write a five minute comedy monologue for a musical saw performance. I shit you not.

For some odd reason, I’ve had an ever increasing stream of people asking me to read their screenplays. I have no idea why. I oblige when I can, seems rude not to, but I can’t help wondering, why me?

Is anyone still reading? I know I’m bored. I’ve got the first two series of Blake’s 7 downstairs and they’re calling to me. Let’s just say I’ve been very busy, I’ve had a great year and it’s only getting better.

I’m done, thank you and good night.

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