Happy New Year!

Or is it? How many of you actually enjoy the first of January? How many of you are still suffering from last night’s excursions? Have you broken those resolutions already?

I was thinking about the way forward this year, not really in terms of resolutions, just an overall strategy for writing and the progress I should attempt to make. At first I thought I’d try and complete one project each month. I’m not talking about writing a feature film from scratch each month, rather polishing off the ones I have and trying to do something with them.

I’ve got a few feature scripts which are almost ready to be sent to production companies, they just need that last tweak. I’ve got a handful of (mostly dreadful) sitcoms which could easily be thumped into line. I’ve got a radio series in mind, something which might go down well. I’ve got two contacts at two different production companies who have both mentioned me submitting ideas to them. One of them even emailed me and reminded me he was head of development, send him some ideas. The ideas are there, the ears are ready to hear them, they just need putting into a submittable form.

One of these a month, I thought. Pick one and concentrate on it. Focus your energies.

Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. Something else always crops up which takes time away from these spec plans. It’s all very well saying you’ll work on your own projects, but when someone offers you money to write something else, you tend to forget about it very quickly.

At least I do.

So then I revised that strategy to one project every two months.

Then I thought, fuck it. I’ll just write what I feel like, when I feel like it. I’ll put them in an order of priority and then see how many I manage to get through before something better comes along.

It’s only the first today and already I’ve had four work related emails. One from a guy who wants to make one of my short scripts; who knows, this one might actually remain in contact for more than a week?

Two from directors I’m already working with about the state of play of two projects.

And the other from Andrew Senior over at Yankee Disco (more frequently referred to as ‘those weirdos who made that film with the Nazi Puppet on the cover‘) , about The Beefeaters script. In true Yankee Disco form, the notes begin:

“I’ve got this animatronic stag’s head…”

I think it’s going to be a very happy new year.

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