Movable deadlines

Thankfully, the deadline for the Gumball 3000 script competition-type-thing has been moved from the 5th (eek!) to the 15th (phew!) of January. I could have finished the treatment by Friday, but it wouldn’t have been pretty.

I’m worried I’m breaking one of my own rules here, if you can’t be the best, be the fastest; I’m a pretty good writer, but I’m under no illusions I can beat 99 other writers to win this competition. I’m fairly certain there will be a lot of similar submissions and whoever gets their treatment read first is in a stronger position. If it’s put on the maybe pile, the next one which follows a similar plot has to be that much better to knock it off. By extension, the 100th treatment has to be fantastic to join the other favourites up to that point.

All things considered, it doesn’t hurt to get the submission in early.

Which is why I was beginning to panic a little, until I got this email today:

“Because of continued requests we have now extended the deadline for submission of your treatment until Monday the 15th of January. We  hope this gives you some more time to put your thoughts on paper. “

Yes it does, thank you very much. It’s also nice to know other people have been lax over the Christmas period too. I was beginning to suspect I was the scriptwriting grasshopper in a competition of busy little ants; but no, turns out there are at least a few others who have wasted the festive holiday by enjoying themselves.

I can breathe easy. Now, if only my treatment made any sense.

In other news, I’ve had another email today from a director who wants to direct one of my short scripts. This one is a friend of the one from yesterday…

Or was it the day before? What time is it, anyway?

Oh, 03.27.

Bugger, that’s my early morning exercise regime scuppered. Looks like tomorrow will be another day of getting out of bed first thing in the afternoon.

Anyway, that’s two directors asking to direct two short scripts in the first two days of the year. That’s a pretty good start, wonder if I can keep it up?

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2 thoughts on “Movable deadlines

  1. I was in exactly the same boat and am exactly the same amount of pleased. Because I’d done exactly the same amount of getting nowhere.

    But I think you’re over-estimating the competition.

    I’m factoring into my calculations that 50% of the other 98 won’t actually get a submission in, and that 50% of those who do will be strictly amateur-hour.

    So that improves the odds considerably.

  2. I like your thinking there, Piers. Not sure how accurate it is; but it’s definitely a snuggly duvet of a thought. On that more optimistic note, I’m off to breakfast.

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