What were they thinking?

No good news today; but then, they do say no news is good news, so maybe…?

Nah, I’m really reaching now. I have had a couple of ‘we’re still working on the project’ emails; but since there’s no real progression, it doesn’t really count as good news.

I have finished working on the Gumball 3000 treatment. I haven’t sent it in yet, I thought it’s best to get a friend to read over it first. I’m not sure it makes a lot of sense yet, but I’ll wait and see what the verdict is.

Apart from that, just general day to day stuff. Although I did have this observation:

I was in the States recently and unfortunately found myself watching TV. I couldn’t help noticing that the programs in America are really beautiful to watch (I’m not talking about the content, just the visuals); but the adverts are horrendous, they look like they’ve been filmed with a mobile phone.

By contrast, in the UK, it’s the other way around; the adverts are stunning and the actual shows are shiny and horrible. Two things struck me about this:

1) TV advertising must be really cheap in America.

2) Can’t we get the people who make adverts to make TV programs?

I know nothing about the technical ins and outs of this. Why does British TV look so bad? Is it purely financial? Is it somethingto do with the preferred filming media? Is it a weird choice to distinguish adverts from programs? If anyone could explain this, I’d love to know.

On the subject of adverts, in America, I saw a TV ad for this:


Quite possibly the crassest thing I’ve ever seen. Look kids, you can stand the twin towers up and knock them down again! Re-enact that fateful day in coin form.

And to think Mattel sneered at my ‘car-crash Diana’ Barbie idea.

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2 thoughts on “What were they thinking?

  1. I believe Casualty got a video format upgrade a few years ago, but too many viewers complained that “it just doesn’t look like Casualty any more,” so they put it back.

    As for the 9/11 commemorative coin, I’m afraid it was inevitable — The Franklin Mint and their ilk have been producing crass souvenir tat for decades. US Civil War chess set anyone?

  2. People complained it didn’t ‘look like Casualty’? Have these people got nothing better to do? Even worse, the BBC listens to these people?


    That explains everything.

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