Gothenburg tomorrow

I’m off to the Gothenburg Film Festival tomorrow, for a screening of ‘The Evolved’ and possibly some other stuff. To be honest, I’ve no idea what’s going on.

No change there.

The rest of Yankee Disco are out there at the moment (I think) getting up to God knows what. I’m not even sure how many of them are there. What I do know is the screening has already sold out, which is pretty cool. There was some mention of a Q&A session afterwards, but I haven’t really heard any details since. Someone else said Lloyd Kaufman, Mr Troma himself was coming over for something – a seminar? The Q&A? Meatballs? I have no idea.

I guess I really should pay more attention to the real world; but it’s difficult when the one in my head is so much more appealing.

So there you go. I’m going to Gothenburg to meet an unspecified number of people (who I’ve only met one and a half times before) to stay in an unspecified location and take part in (or maybe just watch?) an unspecified event.

It’s nice to make plans.

If it is a Q&A and I am getting involved, then it’ll be my first. If it’s T&A then I’m in trouble, I don’t have much of either.

In other news: not a lot.

I’m still waiting to get my hands on a DVD copy of ‘Groove Britannia’ a short film written by Marian Kilpatrick and I. The screening of which is tomorrow night in … somewhere. I’ve forgotten.

And I’m still waiting to hear about the Gumball 3000 script thing. I know some people (or at least one) have heard they were unsuccessful. I assume they would tell the winners before they tell the losers, so I guess my rejection has just got lost in my increasingly erratic email system. A second theory, put forward by someone else who hasn’t yet received a reply, is that they’re still deciding and have just told the people they’re definitely not interested in as they whittle the pile down.

As ever, I’m going to plump for the most optimistic viewpoint and wait and see.

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9 thoughts on “Gothenburg tomorrow

  1. Good luck with the Gumball, Phill, and have a whale of a time in Gothenburg. Those Swedes are car-ayzee!

  2. Cheers, Gordon. I’d offer to send you a postcard, but I’m far too lazy to buy one.

  3. I’m voting for the whittling theory, meself.

    Have fun in Gotherburg.

  4. Cheers Piers, I’ll think briefly about sending you an imaginary postcard too.

  5. Moviequill

    I did a thorough troll of blogs and websites and nobody is mentioing Gumball (either rejection or hearing word) so no news is good news I figure. I do know Max set the 2007 Rally, and their MySpace Blog is active this week with posts, so something is brewing

  6. Still a waiting game then.

  7. Not for me.

    I am definitely not traveling to Europe to drink champagne every night, bed models, drive fast cars, and claim the whole thing against tax as relevant research expenses.

    Well, not this time anyway.

  8. Piers, you seem to be the only person in the world who’s heard anything. Are you sure it’s not just your mates pissing about?

    I bedded a model once. It was an Avro Lancaster. I woke up with the undercarriage glued to my face and decals on all over the sheets. Last time I try anything kinky.

  9. Yeah? Well I fucked a Princess, so there.

    Got my cock stuck in the exhaust pipe.

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