Gothenburg: Part Two

The screening of ‘The Evolved’ yesterday went really well. The theatre was sold out and we got a lot of laughs all the way through.

The Q&A on the other hand would be best described as painful. There was one guy in front with us who asked the initial questions, kicking off with ‘what are your influences?’I panicked and said I had no influences, which is a really wanky thing to say. I have tons of influences, I’m influenced by everything I see and hear. I’m influenced by every film, TV, comic and stage show I’ve ever seen. How am I supposed to answer the question? I suppose the question could be interpreted as ‘is there anyone you’ve particularly tried to emulate?’ So, the answer would be ‘not really, I just thought it was funny.’

He asked a few more questions which Andrew Senior (Writer/Director/Actor), John Turner (Director/Actor), Michael Down (Actor) and myself tried our best to answer through dry mouthed fear. Then it was opened up to the audience.


Absolute silence.

Surely someone must have a question?

Apart from Lloyd Kaufman who kept yelling about us being gay.

Eventually someone did ask a question, something about pastiches and genres which I didn’t really understand. The basic gist seemed to be ‘why do you call it a British film when it seems to be more influenced by American movies?’

Well, because it’s filmed in Britain, stars British people and was made by British people. Isn’t that enough? The humour’s essentially British too. At least I think so.

More silence.

More abuse from Lloyd.

A few questions about the next project and then, thankfully, we were allowed to sit down. In the lobby I had a couple of people starring at me, nudging themselves as I went past and a tentative ‘excuse me? We loved your movie.’

Really? Why?

That seemed to flummox them.

I even got asked to sign a couple of autographs, something that surprised the hell out of me. Weird.

After a short break we watched ‘Cannibal! The Musical’, a film by Trey Parker which also features Matt Stone. I have to admit my enjoyment of the film was hampered by being desperate for a piss and ravenously hungry, only having one meal in 24 hours.

Then Lloyd got up and showed us how a Q&A should be done. Funny, fluid and informative. We left suitably impressed and absolutely starving.

One street dog later and we’re rammed in the sky bar here at The Riverton. So crushed in we can barely move and it’s so loud we can’t hear anything anyone says. The queue to get up here is 2 hours long. Luckily I’ve got a room here so we all skipped the queue by pretending we were going to my room.

Ditching the sky bar we traipsed around Gothenburg trying vainly to find a bar/club we could get into without having to queue for over a week. We eventually settled on one called Sticky Fingers where we remained until 03.00.

Today we went to see Lloyd Kaufman’s masterclass on movie making. He was on top form again, fantastic entertainment. He’s very, very funny and inspiring too. Whatever you may think of Troma films, he’s survived a long time in an industry where most fail. I came out of the seminar thinking I would make my own damn movie, before realising that I just can’t be arsed.

I’m a writer, I write. Let other people worry about the money, performances, permits and whatever else might get in the path of a movie.

We’re off to the formal end of festival dinner tonight, which means breaking out the suit and scraping the mould off it from last time. Everyone’s crashed for a bit, just to prepare themselves for one last night of debauchery. I’m off for a quick snooze now and then I’m on the hunt for an iron.

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