No more apologies

I’ve been thinking about my experiences at the Gothenburg Film Festival and the discussions I had with Yankee Disco. Something’s become abundantly clear: we need to promote ‘The Evolved’ more.

It’s really eye opening seeing the film in front of a sold out, paying audience. Seeing how people react is always surprising and always rewarding.

And yet, we’ve been really lackadaisical about promoting the film, it just turned up on DVD and that was it really. No effort required.

I think part of the problem is we all see flaws in the film and keep making apologies for it. The plain truth is, people love it. The audience laughs continuously throughout and is always gushingly appreciative afterwards. On our last night, Andy Senior was approached by a guy in a bar who wanted to tell us how much he enjoyed the film. So why aren’t we trying to make more of it?

I’ve been talking to a friend of mine about setting up a screening in England, followed by a Q&A session for local film students. If it comes off, we’ll see how it goes and then maybe try and push it more in this country.

At the end of the day, we set out to write a Troma film and we succeeded. It’s everything it’s supposed to be and maybe even a little more. It’s time to stop apologising for it and be proud of our twisted, bastard child.

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7 thoughts on “No more apologies

  1. Hear Hear.

    I think a screening/Q&A is an excellent idea. And certainly Troma has a long and glorious history of promoting their films properly.

    Also, was just poking around (as you do) and I noticed two things.

    1) Yankee Disco doesn’t appear to have a website
    2) The DVD isn’t available from Amazon

    Surely both of these would improve sales? (And therefore make it more likely to get more Troma-esque films made in the UK?)

    Just thinking aloud…

  2. Moviequill

    Still not a peep from the Gumball folks, nobody is talking them up and their official blog still has nothing. Is it possible they abandoned the idea entirely?

  3. Well, I’ve had my rejection.

    Which suggests that anyone who hasn’t heard is still in the race, so to speak.

  4. Moviequill

    I sent an inquiry to the Gumball folk and the waiting is almost over, got this reply this morning

    “Hi Todd,

    Sorry for keeping you hanging on – we have selected our finalists
    last night and will post them on Friday.”

  5. Piers: Yankee Disco are appallingly bad, bordering on shit, at promoting themselves and their work. Check out ‘The Evolved’ website if you want to see an example:

    There’s nothing there! I’m as much to blame for that, I’ve had the ftp codes for nearly a year now and have yet to add one single word to the site.

    So a Yankee Disco website? We were discussing it in Gothenburg. It may yet happen, but don’t count on it.

    As for Amazon, it’s available on .com but not – I don’t know why. Here’s the link if anyone’s interested:

    I’m not sure how to go about getting it on or if it’s even worth it. We’ll see how we go after the British screening – if that happens.

    Todd: So, Friday it is. Great, another thing to lose sleep over – as if my nights weren’t long enough.

  6. I too want to see The Evolved and ask you probing and difficult questions afterwards. Okay, maybe not *that* probing and difficult, but I think a UK screening is a great idea. Can I come?

  7. Right, a probable audience of two. That’s good enough for me – I’ll get right on it.

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