Well, that’s just great

Iran had to go and release the sailors, didn’t they? I mean, I’m glad they did; but they couldn’t have waited just two more days? Just until Sunday morning? Even Saturday morning would have been fine, just so I could see the sketch performed at The Treason Show on Friday.

But no, selfish bastards.

Apparently no one considered my feelings on the matter. It appears I have less impact on world politics than I previously believed.

This is one of the problems of writing topical satire, the stories change, resolve or, in some cases, just completely disappear. I scribbled a new ending down and sent it in, but I don’t like it nearly as much.

I was going to post a follow up, analysing where the sketch got laughs (if at all) and where it fell flat, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see whether or not it gets performed now.

I’ve been telling people ‘the leaders of the world are conspiring against me’ for years, but did anyone listen? Well there’s your proof. I bet all those ‘so called’ psychiatrists are feeling pretty stupid now, huh?

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7 thoughts on “Well, that’s just great

  1. My essential laziness has got me wishing I could re-use my NewsRevue/Treason Show material more than I can. With a non-topical sketch, there’s a possibility of shopping the thing around if the entity for which it was originally written don’t want it. There’s also a possibility of putting the sketch in a drawer and then whipping it out months or years later with a flourish and a “What’s that, you need comedy sketches?”

    I remember trolling through my NewsRevue back catalogue a few months ago looking for anything that was still relevant, and only being able to resurrect about half a dozen sketches. And with the parody songs, well, forget it.

  2. Yeah, there are very few re-usable topical sketches, but some of the gags can be recycled.

    Over and over and over again. So far, no one seems to have noticed.

  3. Danny K

    Phil – the original is a seriously good sketch; surely they’ll run it as is? (I was that taken with it I emailed it to a couple of friends).

    Can’t you leave it as it is, then mess around with ADDING an extra quarter page? Something along the lines of the Iranian President coming back on and a couple of exchanges later he shrugs: Okay it’s a gift for Easter, but only if you promise to never shag my leg again – but if you must, I insist you do it with the right attitude.

    P.S. On TV as the hostages were being led to shake hands with the Iranian President yesterday a reporter asked the British Captain: Was he expecting to be released so soon?- The captain replied: No, I wasn’t expecting it – it took me by surprise. I thought, that’s your problem mate, you’re always being taken by surprise.

  4. Danny, yeah, I should really look at a better ending, I’m really not happy with the revised version. I think I’ll take your advice (without stealing yor lines) and have another go.

    By the way, your last comment about the British Captain, that’s really funny. It would make a great short sketch/one liner for the show.

  5. Danny K

    Cheers Phil, hope the revised version works out to your satisfaction.

  6. John Kelly

    Yeah, it does kind of skew your take on the world. I recently wrote something about Mugabe and then remember praying his regime wouldn’t fall before the end of the month.

    Funnily enough I did see this sketch before the disastrous return of the hostages. At Newsrevue last Sunday. I hadn’t read your analysis of it then, so didn’t pay attention as I might have. Also, the audience was 17, so the chances of anything working like it would in front of a full house at the Treason show were low (I can see why they’re slow paying. I can’t see how they make any money at all.)

    Anyway, from what I remember they liked the pantomine stuff – the repeated “Oh yes they were” gag worked well and got as many laughs as you can from such a crowd. They liked the next phase stuff and the jokes about the president’s name. The ending got a bit confused with the president walking off and then the punchline came a bit late, when I think people thought the sketch had already ended, but generally it went down well. Hope this gives some sense of it.

    I hope it stays in the Treason show, as I’m going there too and will be interested to see how differently it’s done.

    They also liked the drunk Princes sketch, the Blair Am I bovvered sketch (spelling corrected in the Newsrevue running order) and the Lost sketch went down best of all, the flashbacks getting a lot of laughs.

    By the way, as I’m sure you know, the right subject topicals can run and run. Martin Baum’s Shitty Shitty Railways went down a storm at the last Treason show, but it was also performed some years ago at Newsrevue.

  7. Thanks, John, that’s really useful. I can see why one of the characters leaving would trigger the audience to believe the sketch had ended.

    I did write a third version of the sketch, but Mark Brailsford (the director, for those who don’t know) says he preffered the second draft – hopefully that’s a good sign and it will still be there.

    It’s funny how some sketches/songs stay in the slush pile for months. I’ve had things turn up in the running orders ages after I’d written them.

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