I had a meeting in London today, about the possibility of writing a feature film. I’d love to say it was a great meeting, that I shone with wit, talent and charm; but to be honest … I’ve no idea.

Absolutely none.

I never do. I’m aware, at some points, I was babbling incoherently. I’m aware, at other points, I seemed to be in tune with what he wanted and expressed valid, well thought out opinions.

In between? No idea. Did the babbling outweigh the incisiveness? Again, I haven’t got the Scoobiest.

Have I got the job? Who knows?

To be fair, the decision was never going to be made today, there are three other writers in the running. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how their babbling/insightful ratio pans out.

What can I say? I like the concept, it’s something I want to be involved with; I like the director, he seems like a guy I could work with; the meeting lasted twice as long as expected, usually a good sign (unless I was boring the hell out of him); and I completely forgot to mention half of the reasons I’d be perfect for the position.


On the plus side, I’ve never failed to get a job after a face to face meeting.

On the down side, there’s a first time for everything.

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4 thoughts on “Meetings

  1. Thanks for your comment, never too long, will email too.

    What a meeting; as my script is too young to have got that far yet, it gives me the faith to keep going when I hear that those meetings do happen, no matter how scary. Hope they like it.

  2. Hi MC, the meeting was about writing a script based on the director’s treatment, rather than one of my own. These kinds of meetings are much harder than one where you’re discussing your own work.

    Generally speaking, if you’ve got a meeting about a spec script, the producer/director will have read it and liked it. All you have to do then is smile, be friendly and look like you won’t get precious about changing a few things.

    When you’re meeting about writing up the director/producer’s baby, then you have to not only do all the above, but you have to try and gauge what kind of writer they’re looking for. It becomes about second guessing what qualities they think a writer should have and trying to exhibit them.

    But yes, meetings do happen and your time will come.

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