What a difference a year makes

Last year, in the run up to Cannes, when I actually had a film (The Evolved) screening in the film market; I applied for accreditation … and was flatly refused.

No, that’s a lie. I was ignored. Despite countless emails and letters, they just ignored me for ages, then promised to look into it, then ignored me again. I assumed they must get so many requests they just can’t acknowledge everyone.

On the day of the screening, we all (apart from Andy Senior, the director) had to sneak into the screening of our own film; and I’m glad we did, it went down really well. We also managed to sneak into a few other screenings – it is possible, if you’re smart about it.

This year I had another go. I haven’t got a film anywhere near the festival or the market; but Marion Pritchett, the producer of ‘The Seventh Sword of Bathrick’ is going and would like me to attend some fund raising meetings.


Last year, the only directors and producers I met were ones I’m already working with. And I think they were trying to avoid me.

Even cooler, the director of ‘The Seventh Sword’, who I’m not allowed to tell you about, will be there. He was on telly when I was a kid, in one of my favourite series. So I’m quite keen on going.

I filled in my accreditation request and sent it off, hoping for better luck this year and …

The confirmation came back the next day.

Now, either they’ve got a lot more people sorting it all out this year; they couldn’t be bothered to read any more applications and just said yes to everyone; or my festival-going stock has risen markedly in the last year.

I like to think it’s the last one. I like to think they went:

“Phill Barron wants to come! Quick, ring the national papers!”

But I suspect it was more along the lines of:

“This one’s in English, Pierre.”

“Who cares, Andre? Flip the coin and let’s go to the pub.”

Either way, I’m quite happy and off to Cannes for at least a few days. Anyone else going?

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4 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes

  1. I get asked every year, Phill (my mate Baz goes and is always looking to flat-share), but work/family/both tends to get in the way. I’d love to go, if only to ogle the tits on the red carpet (and maybe a couple of the women too).

    No doubt you’ll keep us all up-to-date with proceedings. Despatches from the front-line; that sort of thing. Good luck when it happens.

  2. My impression was it’s fairly pointless unless you’ve got a specific goal in mind: promoting a film, getting distrinution, getting funding for a specific script. I’m not sure it’s massively useful to just turn up and see what happens.

    There’s fun to be had, but that’s true of any where.

  3. I had the same problem as you last year, including the being completely ignored. Had the Writers’ Guild faxing the Cannes office at the end saying “Look, yes, he really is a professional writer.”

    Nothing. Cut my losses and stayed at home in the end. So this year I decided to give it a miss.

    I’ll have another crack next year.

  4. Maybe they just didn’t bother giving any accreditation out at all last year?

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