Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo is a short film I co-wrote with Mick Fowler, which has just finished shooting and is wandering into post-production.

I’ve just been checking through my emails, trying to find out how and when it all started, and I finally found the date: September 2004! Two and a half years ago, man that took a long time.

In September 2004, I answered an ad Mick placed on Trigger Street, looking for short films. This was his original post:

“I am looking for a script to shoot in the very near future on the stage of a successful crime series on which I am the sound mixer. (With directing ambitions) A 10 minute short with distinct parameters, the details of which I can supply to anyone interested. “

Mick was (and I assume, still is) the production sound mixer on C.S.I. He had access to the interrogation room set and wanted a ten minute script which had limited characters, in that particular location and some kind of twist at the end.

I had no such script.

But, hey, I’m a writer. So I wrote one, sent it back and he liked it. Exactly what he was looking for, apparently. Fancy that.

We worked on the script together, tweaking, touching up, tearing down and rebuilding. To be honest, I’m not sure there’s anything more than the basic concept from the original draft; and I think Mick has put far more work into it than I have. He suggested a second twist at the end which added a lot more depth and we were all ready to go.

Then he found out he couldn’t get permission to use the set.

Then the powers that be changed their minds.

Then they changed them back.

And then changed them again.

And back again.

I lost interest somewhere around here.

A year or so later, it was all back on. A few of the guys from the show wanted to play the two main roles and permission was finally and irrevocably granted.

Then the actors changed their minds.

Then one of them changed it back again.

Then …

You get the idea.

I think when both the actors and the studio said ‘yes’ what they actually meant was ‘Go away and leave me alone’.

Two and a half years later, with totally different actors on (I think, but I lost track) a totally different set, the film is finally in the can. I know Tony Becker played one role, no idea about the others.

It’s been a long haul, but Mick assures me it’s worth it. As usual, I’ll just have to wait and see.

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3 thoughts on “Quid Pro Quo

  1. Well done, Phillipa! Another one in the can. I’d love to see it when you get a copy. Was it shot in America then?

  2. Yep, shot in the States. That’s right, my talent knows no boundaries.

    I’ve got another short which starts shooting on Monday, but that’s over here somewhere.

  3. Richard Paynter

    Hi there,
    Came across this posting when randomly googling to see what happened to this film.
    I’m a film composer based in London; Mick asked me (via triggerstreet) to do a score for this film about two months ago so I have seen it… however, he didn’t like what I put together, thinking it too sound-design driven, so has gone with something else, which is a shame, since what I wrote was considerably better than the temp early 80s score that was on there already and lifted it enormously. Still: these things happen and you have to take the directors who don’t like your score along with the ones who love it.
    Anyway – if you want to know details of the film, drop me a line…
    Richard Paynter (www.richardpaynter.com)

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