Is it sleep time yet?

It must be, surely? I’ve had a busy few days with more yet to come.

On Tuesday I found out I got the feature film gig, the one I mentioned here and here. Good news, not sure what I can say about it yet. Suffice it to say, I’m looking forward to writing it and was a happy boy for the rest of the night.

Not so happy yesterday morning when I got up at 04.45 and flew to Naples and back. I got straight onto a train to London (the wrong train, but going in the right direction; or maybe I just bought the wrong ticket – it’s hard to tell). On the train I bashed out some ideas for the feature film, to be discussed at a meeting on Friday. Owing to getting on the wrong, faster train, I didn’t have enough time to finish the notes and then couldn’t find a wireless connection to send them anyway.

One short argument with the conductor later (he won) and I’m in Victoria; inexplicably later than I would have been if I’d got the slower train.

From Victoria to Soho and a meeting about the untitled horror anthology (previously mentioned here). I met the producer, the same guy as last time, and Gillian MacGregor, who’s as lovely in the flesh as she looks in her photos. As with the last meeting, it was more of a social than a business thing, although we did manage to talk about the film a little bit. The original idea was a feature with five short stories by five writers.

That’s all changed a bit.

Now it’s five shorts by one writer. Me.

Obviously, that was my evil plan all along, but it’s worked a hell of a lot better and faster than I expected. My goal is usually the same, get a foot in the door and then prove myself indispensable. I feel like I’ve knocked on the door and they’ve just thrown it open: “Hi, come in!”

I’m surprised, delighted, smug and a little scared. They love all my ideas (except one; which, to be fair, was a lot on the shit side) and want them to make up the film. We discussed a sixth idea and that seems to have gone down well too.

Now all I’ve got to do is live up to my own hype.


Train back to Gatwick (finishing off the feature ideas on the way), collect the car, drive back to Eastbourne, bed by midnight.


Back up this morning at 04.45 (not bliss) and off to Thessaloniki (even less bliss), scribbling down the sixth idea on the way.

And then back.

At rush hour, which means the drive home is two hours instead of just one. Pass me the matchsticks.

Rushing in, I had an inspiration for a sketch, dashed it off and sent it in.

It must be sleep time now, right?

I was supposed to be going back to London tonight for Piers Beckley’s Writer’s Beer and Catchup – but I just can’t face another late night (sorry guys). Plus my sister in law and her family are coming down tomorrow evening, so the only night I can see The Treason Show is tonight. I’m off out in a few minutes – Mandy’s driving.

Tomorrow I’m back up to London for the first of many creative meetings for the feature project. I’ll find out then what I can and can’t say about it; but until then: all of you out on the lash with Piers – enjoy; all of you at The Treason Show, laugh at my sketches or I’ll cry (or, more likely, pass out); and all of you sitting at home preparing for an early night:

I really, really envy you.

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3 thoughts on “Is it sleep time yet?

  1. That’s great news about the feature! Well done. Not such good news about the late nights/early mornings. I’m having an early night. I’d give it up for a feature gig though 😉

  2. Bravo, Mr B! It’s all coming together like a well-rehearsed orgy. Bit sneaky with the horror thing, but kudos to you for that. A couple more gigs and you can afford your own driver.

  3. Cheers, guys. A well rehearsed orgy? You have to reheasre them? You mena block them out before hand, blow by blow?

    I never knew that.

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