Another meeting in London today about the feature film. It hasn’t really got a name yet, just a working title which is about to change.

It’s an action/thriller, the first of a trilogy, hopefully shooting in November this year. The director/producer is Don Allen of All Enquiries Productions and it will be (co-?) produced by Emma Dobinson.

Don Allen produced and directed Three Minute Moments: a feature film which stars, amongst others, Gillian MacGregor; whom I met on Wednesday night about the horror anthology.

I’m not sure if my world’s getting bigger or smaller.

To make it even more convoluted, one of the actors who’s doing the horror anthology is first choice for one of the main roles in this feature. It’s all very incestuous.

Suffice it to say, I’ve successfully landed myself a massive pile of work which should keep me occupied for the next few months. The feature is provisionally titled K-Past. I’m fairly certain that’s about to change; but it’ll probably still have a K somewhere in the title, since that’s the cryptic name of the main character.

For now, this is the holding page for the movie website: watch either that or this space for more information.

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6 thoughts on “K

  1. Was K the character in Kafka’s The Trial?

  2. That was Joseph K, I very much doubt anyone will confuse this film with a Kafka story.

  3. Danny K

    No it’s none of those – he’s writing my biography.

  4. Damn, that was supposed to be a secret.

  5. Danny K

    Phil – thanks for highlighting the link to Gillian MacGregor. With her natural-born-beauty looks, she puts me in mind of having some of the aura of a young Faye Dunaway. Would have thought she’d have been picked up for some major production by now. No doubt that’ll be put right after she appears in your work. She’ll be a good draw.

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