Okay, that’s weird

I was going to blog about my ‘First Draft Phill’ fantasy, but that’s going to have to wait for another time. If I forget, and I will forget, remind me. It’s incredibly sad, but becoming oddly true.

Anyway, the weird thing of today’s title is a mild increase in traffic to my blog.

Very mild.

But noticeable.

Closer examination shows two things:

1) not that many people read my blog.

2) a good percentage of today’s readers followed a link from the BBC writersroom blog.

The first one, I knew but had been steadfastly ignoring. The second – eh? What happened there? I check out the BBC writersroom blog and lo and behold: this blog is linked to in the blogroll.

Maybe it’s a mistake?

Nope, still there.

And one of only nine links on the roll. Eight writer’s blogs, the ninth is for the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain.

Cool. Is this some form of legitimate recognition of my writing prowess? Have the BBC finally decide to give in and recognise the genius I keep telling them (but refuse to prove) I have? Or is it a random link people at the writersroom are staring at and wondering where it came from?

You decide.

For now, I’m going to go bed a bit chuffed. Not a lot chuffed, but a bit. It doesn’t take much to please me and pleased I am.

Oh, hang on. Does this mean I have to clean my language up?

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