Ready for the off

Cannes tomorrow, in four hours time, to be precise (ish).

I’m packed and I’m ready to go. I think I’ve got everything I need; but I always think that, and I’m usually wrong.

Still: tickets, passport, driving licence, car rental reservation, French sim card reservation, directions to the hotel, hotel reservation … erm. Is that it?

Oh yeah, clothes and other non-essentials.

In the last couple of days I’ve managed to squeeze in another two segments of ‘Future Tense’. Well, three I suppose. Maybe more like two and a half.

Basically, I wrote the fourth of the six shorts on Wednesday; but there was a (possibly) legitimate concern that it was too funny. My personal opinion is a bit of levity in the middle helps as a contrast to the others. A bit of comic relief sets you up nicely for the rest. However, I also understand it might be completely the wrong tone to link with the others.

In the spirit of fair play, on Thursday morning I thought I’d just write a darker version and see which one the people involved prefer. Still waiting to hear about that one.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I wrote the fifth segment. One more to go now, plus the linking scenes which tie them all together.

But that will have to wait, I don’t imagine I’ll get much time in Cannes.

I’m still not a hundred percent certain why I’m going; because Marion, the producer of ‘The Seventh Sword of Bathrick’, asked me I suppose. I spoke to her briefly earlier on. She assures me we’re going to be kept busy with numerous appointments over the next week. Whether or not they prove fruitful remains to be seen. I’m sure it’ll be fun and it will be nice to get to know her and the others involved in the film a bit better.

I’m hoping to hook up with at least three producers I’ve worked with before, just to remind them I’m alive, available and the answer to their scriptwriting conundrums.

Or maybe the cause of their nightmares, but we’ll gloss over those bits.

Expectations: not a lot really. I don’t for a moment believe I’m going to come back richer, better known or better connected; I don’t expect to sign a mega-bucks deal with some desperate Hollywood exec; and I don’t even expect to see many films.

I suppose my only real expectation is to come back considerably lighter in the wallet.

Fuck it, it’s a hell of a way to spunk your cash. Easy come, easy … oh, it’s gone.

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