Cannes: Day 2

Only two meetings this morning; both of them completely pointless.

For me, anyway.

At the first one, the guy insisted I couldn’t join in because there weren’t enough chairs. I pointed out some free chairs nearby, but he decided they were wrong colour or shape or something.

The second was with the wrong Canadian. She put us in touch with the right Canadian, but she’d gone for lunch.

So we did too.

After lunch I managed to bump into just about everyone I’ve ever worked with, plus a few new ones. Not all were pleased to see me, some looked a little scared. I’m not sure why.

I also met a Polish producer who is acquiring the rights to a book. Was she looking for a writer?


Right. I gave her my card anyway.

I’ve got to say, when people find out I’m a writer, they just totally switch off and turn away. It would appear the word writer is totally interchangeable with nobody, scum or worthless piece of shit.

Later on I went to a party for something Irish, I have no idea what it was about but the drinks were free; and afterwards the Atlantic Picture Company bought me dinner. Which was very nice of them.

Apart from accidentally ordering two lunches at the same time, today was very cheap.

All in all, today was a great success from a catching up with people point of view, but a bit lacking in the making any useful progress arena.

And it took me an hour to find my car. I knew it was parked in a street, but that was about it. In retrospect, maybe I should have read the name of the street before I strode confidently away. Oh well, you live and learn.

Tomorrow’s a fairly busy day, lots of meetings to go to then a cocktail party at the Romanian Pavilion and a party with the Gothenburg Festival crowd.

And me without a thing to wear.

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2 thoughts on “Cannes: Day 2

  1. Gordon Robertson

    I suppose, what with writers not being in a position to secure deals, that it’s inevitable that they get treated like doggy-poo at events like Cannes. Tell them you’re a producer, Phill. Say you produced ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Star Wars’, and ‘Birth Of A Nation’. You’ll soon gain their respect.

    Alternatively, drown yourself in Evian, stuff yourself with vol au vents, and nick as many free towels as you can.

    Oh, and make sure you get Pamela Anderson to sign one of your testicles.

  2. Understandable, if annoying – they’re all looking for people to help them get movies made, people with power to make things happen. And we don’t have *any* of that power… I’m glad I’m not there, I’d probably start shouting at people: “Oi! We WRITE the bloody things, you swine! I will DESTROY YOU” etc etc, and that never ends well. Because I’ve said it, so I have to destroy them, or lose face.
    Enjoying the reports, keep them coming!

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