Cannes: Day 3

What a great day.

To be honest, it started pretty badly. The traffic was a bitch, it took me the best part of an hour to get into town. I managed to get lost again, and when I finally parked I realised I’d left my accreditation pass in the hotel.


Without the pass you can’t get in anywhere. Luckily, the first meeting of the day was in a hotel where I didn’t need it. It was a great meeting, really positive and I actually got to pitch the script to someone who wanted to listen. I don’t know if that’s going anywhere or not, but we’ve got a second meeting tomorrow so it can’t be all bad.

After that we met with a guy who wanted to read the script, which is really weird. Most people are more interested in the idea than the script; but he insisted he wanted to read it and would get back to us. Maybe he actually will.

The third meeting was the weirdest of all. A series of bizarre, left field questions were fired out in rapid succession. I know we started out talking about ‘The Seventh Sword of Bathrick’, but pretty quickly, I was pitching a TV mini-series with a computer game tie in.

I honestly have no idea how it happened. I didn’t just randomly wander off topic, she started asking questions such as:

“Can it be a video game?”

“Yes, I envisaged it as–”

“Do they travel from place to place?”

“Yes they do, it starts off with–”

“Does it have any historical things in it?”

“No, it’s a fantasy script–”

“Could it have any historical things in it?”

“Yes, I suppose it could.”

“Great. Could it be TV series?”

“Erm … yes?”

“What’s episode one?”

“It could go up to the point where–”

 “Can we start in the present and go back to the past? So kids can understand.”

“Right, hang on. This script is a movie script. I have a TV idea which is really similar to what you–”

“Great, let’s talk about that.”

And so on. I found myself deep into a pitch for a TV series I’d barely thought about before I remembered Marion, the producer, was still in the room. I said I thought we should talk about the script, since that’s what we came for and it’s not really fair to Marion.

The woman seemed a bit miffed, rattled through what she thought was wrong with the idea and finished the meeting with:

“Okay, so send me all the stuff about that TV series.”

And just left us to it. Have you ever had a car crash and stood around afterwards wondering what the fuck just happened?

In the evening, we went to the Romanian cocktail party, but I accidentally defected to the Czech/Slovak party next door. I got talking to a guy who said he had 13 projects on the go: some written, some not.

I told him I was the best writer in the UK and gave him my card. Someone else heard me say that and asked for my card too. From now on, that’s how I’m going to introduce myself: “Hi, I’m Phill, the best writer in the UK.”

Seems to work.

From there a bunch of us got changed into suits and rocked up to this posh casino for a celeb dinner. Five of us crammed into my hired Peugot 207 and drove down there; for the first time in my life I’ve experienced valet parking.

The car in front of us was an Aston Martin, the one behind was a Bentley. Our valet didn’t look too impressed, even when I showed him the little switch which adds mint smell to the air-con.

The dinner was for a charity poker game which involved Mickey Rourke and Shannon Elizabeth. They were both there and autographed the poker table, which was then auctioned. For some reason, they kept putting the spotlight on me and I had to sit very, very still until they gave up.

It sold for 23,000 Euro in the end.

I really wish I’d waited to scratch my nose.

After the party was done, we went to the Gothenburg Film Festival party; swanning straight past the queue of people desperate to get in, waving three tickets between the five of us.

Another triumph for the 207 five. Mark Shields, Kirk Weddel, Mark Mahon, Kara Scott and me; and another great party.

I baled out after that, time for bed. It’s 04.21 and I’ve got to get up in a few hours. The two Marks are still going.

All in all, my best day so far. Hopefully tomorrow will bring even better things, I’ll keep you posted.

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