141% of what?

According to IMDb, I’m 141% more famous than I was last week.


I’ve always been mildly curious about this star rating. Not enough to actually pay the $12.95 a month to find out, but mildly curious none-the-less.

How do they work it out? What does it mean? I assume there’s some kind of numerical ranking system, so what number am I? Who’s number one?

How can I be 141% more famous? What does that actually mean? I’m not 141% richer, quite the opposite (see the last post), I’m not 141% better known (I think. I have had 3 people ask to be my friend on myspace, but I suspect 2 of them are trying to sell me something) and I’m not working on 141% more films than I was last week, so how do they work it out?

And since I’m not at all famous, on the weeks when it goes down, does that mean my friends and family are forgetting who I am?

There are 1.6 million people listed on IMDb. I’ve got to be in the bottom 100 or so, so what does a 141% increase mean? Have I gone up 1 place? 100? What the hell are they talking about?

I think it does tell you somewhere on the site, but I’m far too lazy to actually read it. I guess what I’m looking for here is someone who’s already got IMDbPro to find out how famous I am, learn how it’s worked out and précis it here.



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19 thoughts on “141% of what?

  1. Good Dog

    Just checked mine and I’ve gone up 112% since last week. Having done nothing. Although I did get some pretty decent scores playing Perfect Dark. Would that have counted?

    I signed up for the IMDbPro free trial ages back and then promptly forgot about it. So I’m no use!

  2. Damn it, now I want to know if I’m more or less famous than you.

    Great, one more thing to be competitive about. Just what I need.

  3. I think – and this is just a wild guess – that it’s to do with your listed activity on the site, i.e. recent or up-to-date projects that are attracting some interest, plus people searching for your name, that kind of thing. But as I say, just a guess.

  4. Good Dog

    I have the grand total of ONE credit to my name on the site.

    Now, there are two features, a TV movie, a number of shorts and a 26-part series I worked on over the years that could go up, I suppose. But they’re from my “previous profession”. Because of the number of people on crew, if you weren’t working in the top tier it was a case of “thanks to the rest of the crew” kind of thing in the end credits, or the studio name. And one job (at least) I wouldn’t want folk to know I worked on. Agggh, nasty!

    I wouldn’t ever say I’m famous by a long shot. Made a name for myself in certain circles though. Which was one of the reasons the change in profession came about.

  5. Danny: People searching for my name? Guess my mum’s been busy then.

    Good Dog: “Made a name for myself in certain circles …” Was it a really bad name? Is that the reason for the change in profession? Are you in the witness protection program? Or just living some bizarre, change your colour/sex/age using make-up, rom-com?

  6. Gordon Robertson

    I’m only 62% more famous than I was last week. But then, last week I was VERY famous.*

    *not actually true.

  7. I spoke to a producer who knows your name.

    After I mentioned it, but he knows it none-the-less.

  8. Good Dog

    More like the Witless Prevention Program… I made the big mistake of assuming that getting the job done on time and to budget was more important than sucking up to people. No real biggie.

  9. On time and to budget? You mean you actually achieved what you set out to do?

    You fucking amateur.

  10. Good Dog

    I know, what a doofus!

    But ultimate it meant nowt when the pencil monkeys considered themselves tortured artists and the producer didn’t want to hurt their delicate feelings. Gotta laugh.

  11. Be silent ye mortals, for I am 145% more famous than I was last week. BWAHAHA!

    My imdb credits number all of two, one for ‘misc crew’ and one for ‘actress’ because I had a non-speaking role in my friend Alex’s short film. I half wonder if my searching for myself was what caused my stats to go up.

  12. Ooh, so who’s more famous, you or me? Was I more famous, but now you’ve leapt ahead of me?

    The world is such an exciting place.

  13. I am not famous at all.

    Hm. Must be doing something wrong.

  14. There’s a PETER Beckley, pretend to be him.


    He was the beekeeping advisor on one episode of ‘Tales of the Unexpected’. He must be way more famous than me; but curiously, he’s 5% less famous than he was last week.

    Weird. How can a beekeeping expert from the 80s get LESS famous?

  15. Well Phil it could be that the rise in your fame is due to you attracting the attention of what’s left of the Spandau Ballet community and in particular the supporters of a certain brothers who haven’t worked together since ‘The Krays’ in 1990. Many fans have been asking both Gary and Martin for years about when they are going to be working together again, to no avail. So now it looks like it is going to happen it’s big news.

    Ps Oh and I thought I ought to warn you that Gary is just as tall as Martin …!!!

  16. I didn’t even know there was a Spandau Ballet community, but I am quite honoured they’ve chosen my script to work together on.

  17. That would be my uncle.

    As you can see, fame runs in the family. Sort of.

  18. Well there you go then, you have access to, D.O.B, passports, DNA samples and everything.

    Does he put that on his CV?

    I would.

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