My favourite word

There are a couple of new projects on the horizon, some of them are exciting, some of them are very exciting. They may happen, they may not; but just thinking about them makes me go all tingly.

I received an email today, a forwarded email, originally sent to a producer and then passed on to me, concerning one of these projects. A while back I wrote a treatment for a proposed feature film remake, several people have to approve the new version and the affirmation came in today: they all like the story.

The email also contains one of my favourite words in the English language:

“Would he do a first screenplay for the money?”

Yes, yes he would.

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5 thoughts on “My favourite word

  1. It is a lovely word, isn’t it?

    Good luck.

  2. Gordon Robertson

    Money. What’s that then?

  3. It does beg the question… what else were they going to offer you?

  4. Damn, that’s a good question Oli. Do you think maybe if I held out they’d offer me a set of matching saucepans or something?

  5. Or perhaps a holiday voucher worth £1,000. Top prize on every magazine scratch card, that.

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