The first hurdle

My gay laptop got its first real test this week – I’ve been away from home for four days and I can report it completely failed to be of any use whatsoever for three and five sixths of those days.

I got exactly one sixth of a day’s work out of it – one battery charge – before it packed up and stopped working. It turns out one major component failed to operate in a reasonable manner and it rendered the whole thing useless.

Me, I failed to operate in a reasonable manner – I forgot to take the power cable with me.

There’s a technical name for this sort of behaviour, in an uncharacteristic display of non-swearing I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Suffice it to say, the ultra portable laptop suddenly seems a lot heavier when it’s no fucking use to anyone.

Luckily, I haven’t got anything I desperately need to do – like, for example, a feature re-write, a music video to outline, a perfume commercial to write, a batch of replacement ideas for ‘The Summoning’ and a new short film to tweak; otherwise I’d have got really upset.

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2 thoughts on “The first hurdle

  1. Pen

    hi, yr laptop saga has had me in stitches. came across you by searchin for info on the x59.. is it a good laptop? can find no reviews, I am a girlie so pinks ok.. more concerned about its workings
    Would really appreciate yr comments

  2. I really like it (apart from the pink) but I don’t know much about computers and really I only use it to type on. I’m not a games player and I don’t watch many movies on it … so I don’t know what to tell you really.

    Except, I think it’s a decent machine for the price.

    Oh, and I found this review here:

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