I’m a happy boy at the moment: since I last mentioned it, I’ve sent in two more batches of sketches for this BBC show (making around forty in total) and both times the producer’s been back in touch with really positive comments and asked for more.

Each time he does I get a slightly bigger glimpse at the other material in the show and everything I read gets me a little more excited. Today I even got sent some concept art for a sketch I haven’t written yet – how cool is that? They are anticipating where to take my characters next and moving on it in advance.

The best bit about all this is the concept is so free ranging I can use all the stupid little snippets I’ve had in my head for years but figured no one would ever use. I can dredge up all the random funny thoughts which cross my mind and get dismissed because of expense, stupidity or weirdness and they just lap it up.

It’s like a dream come true, there literally are no limits except my imagination. Sure, that’s what writing is supposed to be like, but producers (and occasionally directors) soon ruin it by asking you to cut the cast by three or four hundred people and to get rid of the tap-dancing elephants.

Not these guys: ‘More elephants!’ is the cry, followed by ‘And lose the tap-dancing, make them break dance, whilst dressed as Prince Charles’.

I’m so excited about it all I’ve forgotten to swear – I’m never been that excited before. I wish I could say more about it, but I can’t. To be fair, no one’s told me I can’t but I’m guessing that’s the deal.

Ha! I’m off to stare lovingly at the concept art again.

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