I’d like to apologise about last night’s post, I may have been a happy boy but I’d also just hit myself in the face with a big bastard sword and was mildly concussed.

I don’t know if you’ve ever hit yourself in the face with one of these … but if you haven’t, don’t. It fucking hurts.

Too excited to swear, for fuck’s sake! Like that could ever fucking happen.

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7 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. May I be the first, sir, to enquire as to how the sweet fuckery-duckery you managed to smack yourself in the cakehole with a sword?

  2. It’s not easy, it takes great skill.

    In a nutshell, I was training with the sword whilst day-dreaming about giant robots when someone asked me a question. My feeble brain over-loaded and CLANG!

    At least I think that’s what happened. One of the funny things about hitting yourself with speeding lumps of steel is it tends to get a bit hazy for a few hours either side.

  3. Training with a sword while fantasising about giant robots?

    Sweet Jesus, man – you’re LIVING THE DREAM!

  4. In a weird sort of way, I was getting paid for both activities – that’s living the dream: swords, giant robots and money.

  5. You see how fickle we are? You post about being miserable, comments galore. You’re happy for one post? We all fuck off. We’re a supportive bunch.

  6. And that’s all you need to know about writing – no one wants a happy protagonist.

    You’re going to hate the next post.

  7. Unless your happy protagonist is off their face on acid or prozac and about to crash or Chance Gardener in Being There!

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