Glove Slap

Just had a phone call from the producer I met last week. It turns out, falling asleep, mumbling about car parks and looking a bit blank are exactly the way to take a BBC meeting.

He’s putting the sketch show’s running order together and wants a few more sketches from me. I’ve written this series of running gags and he wants two per episode, twelve in total – I’ve already written twelve (because I’m an optimistic kind of guy and was hoping for this), but he wants more so he can choose the best dozen.

“Twenty would be good” he says, and then adds “or thirty.”

Then he does that laugh, you know, the one which means ‘I really want thirty, but know it’s probably impossible and certainly not worth asking. On the other hand, if I say it as a joke you might just do it anyway’.

It cuts out a lot of exposition, does that laugh.

And now we hit a problem, because I feel like I’ve been challenged – which is probably what he wants. I’m fairly confident I can’t think up another eighteen stories for this same set up – but I’m damn well going to try.


And possibly, no sleep either.

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13 thoughts on “Glove Slap

  1. I bet you get stuck at 27.

  2. I’m at twenty already.

  3. Wow, congrats!

    But can you do 40?

  4. I could if I wanted to, but I don’t – that’s all. I don’t want to, and you can’t make me.

  5. Bwurk!


  6. Nasty cough you’ve got there.

  7. Are you at the big 3-0 yet, Mr B?

    Come on – STORM THE HILL!

  8. Thursday, I wrote 21 sketches – of them, only 7 were of the particular variety he asked for, the others were outstanding (as in waited for, rather than superb) ideas from a previous conversation.

    I had already written 16 so that leaves me at 23 of this particular type – so far.

    I will make 30, and I will do it by tomorrow afternoon. I have to have it done by then, since on Monday I start my next challenge – which is a real fucker.

    By the way, do any of you egging on bastards know how difficult it is to come up with 30 different sketches based around the same three characters in the same situation?

    Fucking difficult, that’s how.

    Leave me alone.

    Unless all these comments are genuine and supportive, in which case – fuck off and leave me alone.

  9. Gosh, I get all snappy when I’m stressed, don’t I?


    You’ve got to love the irony of a man blogging about his career and then shouting at people for reading it.

  10. Can’t we be egging you on in a genuine and supportive way?

  11. You can do whatever you like.

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