A feature in five days – Day Three

Day three, the first full day of just writing.

No pretty boards, no messy fighting, no lounging around watching TV.

Not much TV, anyway.

How did I do?

The target was 24 pages and I did …



But then I deleted 3 of the last two days’ pages.

Not so cool.

Still, that puts me at page 44.

(I’ve messed up somewhere, the maths don’t quite add up – but that’s where I am, honest)

On a 90 page script, this should put me at roughly the halfway mark. Let’s take a look at the board:


Oh dear.

I’m in the first half of act two (the second line) and I’ve just finished the first pink card.

Which means I’m not going to reach the midpoint until about page 60. Rom-coms tend to have a short third act (they decide they can’t live without each other, they kiss – job done), but even taking that into account, I can’t see this coming in at 90 pages. Probably more like 100 – 110.

Which is fine, but the director specifically asked for a 90 page script.

Which is also fine.

Under normal circumstances, I’d edit this down after finishing; but with such a tight deadline it’s going to be tricky to finish and then edit in time.

And look at the second half of act two (third line of cards); there’s a lot going on there. So much so, it even goes off the edge of the photo. That’s not going to be easy to cut down, nor would I want to – it all has to be cut down in proportion or the timing is way off.

Basically, I think about 10 pages of the first act have to be junked – it’s too long.


In retrospect, maybe the tap-dancing squirrels can go. They’re probably quite hard to train anyway.

The problem is, with the current extended length it throws out my maths. I could spend tomorrow hacking pages out, and get back on track (by losing half a day); or I can assume a 100-110 page script and push on, hoping to find time to edit later.

What to do? What to do?

If I still aim for 90 pages, that’s 46 to go at 23 per day.


If I aim for 100 pages, that’s 56 to go at 28 per day.


If (as I suspect) I’m heading towards a 110 page script, then that’s 66 pages to go at 33 per day.


Oh fuck it, I’ll cope.

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