It happened again!

I’m working on the next project (it never ends) and the bloody characters are off on their own, again!

This couple are arguing and, to be honest, she was being a bit of a bitch. She just didn’t seem to understand the emotional trauma he was going through and then …


She lays out this one line which totally changes the argument. Her point of view suddenly seems much more reasonable than his.

I wish my characters would stop doing this. It’s annoying to discover they know more about their own lives than I do. I invented them, for god’s sake!

In fact, I am god of their universe. They can’t go around knowing things I don’t. It’s just not on.

So I did the decent thing.

I’ve given her cancer and made him impotent.

That’ll fucking learn ’em.

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7 thoughts on “It happened again!

  1. In one of the first screenplays I wrote, the sidekick’s storyline ended up being much more interesting than the lead’s. A couple of rewrites later, she was the star. I wasn’t going to tell her no. She was scary.

  2. I’ve made that mistake.

    I remember reading somewhere that most first time writers do exactly the same thing. Something to do with writing yourself as the lead, but with no flaws, hang ups or issues.

    The result: a very boring character. The supporting cast usually ends up being much more interesting and a lot of writers’ second scripts feature a secondary character from their first.

    I know I followed this exact route.

    Then again, I’ve always thought Robin was a more interesting character than Batman.

  3. Enid Blyton – yeah I know Enid Blyton. In a biography I read about her, it was attributed to her that she said: When my characters told a joke I would genuinely laugh heartily, as until that very moment, I had never heard it BEFORE THE CHARACTER TOLD IT. I never knew what they were going to come out with next.

    (P.S. Golliwogs tell a mean joke).

    For a period in time she was the most prolific author in Britain. With over 600 children’s books behind her. I guess her working method was more a kind of ‘automatic writing’, than the pre-planned variety.

  4. Possibly. I would imagine the Noddy books don’t need much planning.

    I picked up a Secret Seven book the other day, it described the Secret Seven badge as having an SS on it.

    Oh the pre-war naievity, I thought.

    It was written in 1949.

    I’ve heard it said Stephen King writes without a plan or an outline, but that probably explains why his endings suck.

  5. And why his books go on foreeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeer.

  6. You do realise that getting even with your characters is just a little bit sad….

    God, I love this blog!

  7. No argument from me. I’ll proudly hold my hand up to being sad, anal, vindictive and just generally unplesant for no good reason.

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