Every now and then I write a list of things I want to blog about.

Which I promptly lose.

Occasionally I find an old list and discover nothing on it really interests me.

Today I have the list, all of the things sound quite interesting … but I can’t be bothered.

So I’ll just point out a minor bit of preening self-promotion: Karma Magnet is up on IMDb.


Looking at the list of credits, it appears I’ve only managed one project per year. Since Karma Magnet is listed as a 2008 credit, it looks like I can take all of next year off.


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7 thoughts on “IMDb

  1. I’m very jealous. I NEED 2008 off.

  2. Why? What have you got planned which takes a whole year?

  3. bodnotbod

    “Every now and then I write a list of things I want to blog about. Which I promptly lose.”

    I’ve discovered that if I add things to my Amazon ‘Wish List’ and don’t buy them, I return to that list 6 months later and have no idea why I ever wanted them at all.

    I’m hoping to apply this to my entire consumer life: “I dunno why I wanted to by that food in February 2006. It sounds rubbish now.”

  4. That’s a sure fire way to save money – by dying.

  5. Ash


    Please can someone tell me where I’m able to get a copy of this short film. Thanks in advance.


  6. Hi Ash,

    until yesterday, you couldn’t. However, it’s just come online at:

  7. Ash

    Awesome! Cheers for the link, much appriciated 🙂

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