Strike FAQs

Like many of you, I was firmly behind the WGA and their strike-ness. Like you, I believed what they’re asking for is right and fair.

Then I had my eyes opened.

Please, I implore you, read the AMPTP’s reasons for their incomprehensible actions before you pass judgement on those poor producers.

Everything you need to know is here:

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5 thoughts on “Strike FAQs

  1. Eleanor

    When I read thier site just now a few things happened: I nearly choked, my jaw flapped about a bit in amazement, I laughed so hard my lungs hurt. Did you check out the rest of the site?

    Have they been hacked?

    If not, they have one heck of a sense of humour! Freaks.

  2. Eleanor


  3. Eleanor

    D’oh, I’m so thick…defintely hacked. Very funny too.

    Phil, please delete all my comments on this post…it’s too embarrassing to be me.

  4. Eleanor



    Just shoot me now, okay?

  5. Thanks for dropping a line. Hope your plans change and you’re able to make it out on Tuesday anyway! 🙂


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