A week or so ago I mentioned I was working on treatments for four new feature projects. Well, they’re all done now, they’ve been sent off and they’ve been reasonably well received.

Now I’m into phase two of re-writing and expanding them to either longer treatments or from outlines to treatments depending on which terminology you want to use.

So far so good and I haven’t been thrown off any of them yet, but it’s still early days with lots of potential for me to upset the people involved.

With K due to start shooting in January, another six features already in development* and four more on the way; that makes a total of one definite# and ten potential movies for next year.

That’s pretty good odds for getting some decent career movement next year.

I hope.

On top of all that, another project suddenly resurfaced from the murky depths of the middle of the year. A remake of the 70s horror ‘House on Straw Hill’ starring some people and directed by someone else – yet another project thrown my way by Jonathan Sothcott who is fast becoming my pimp.

So that whacks the total up to five new features. One definitely shooting, with eleven more in development. On top of that, there’s a secret TV series lurking in the wings of potentiality and the BBC 3 sketch show which I believe is shooting at the moment.

I feel like I’m in a very strong position, like 2008 is going to be MY year; but it’s all smoke, mirrors and promises. Until the first day of principle photography … the last day of … the film is finishedthe film has been sold … the film is in shops or cinemas it’s all just a big load of potential disappointment.

But eleven features, come on! Surely something’s got to come of that?

Hasn’t it?



*Although 2 of them are complete no hopers (not yours, obviously – you’re a dynamic and virile film maker. It’s one of the other losers who’s got no hope)

# Or as definite as it ever gets.

Called ‘Expose’ over here for some reason.

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6 thoughts on “Potential

  1. Lizzy

    You will be a great huge success in 2008. Honest!

  2. I look forward to basking in your reflected glory.

  3. Lizzy – can I have that in writing? Oh, I already have.

    Piers – bask away my friend, bask away.

    Having had another look through the list – I reckon only 2 out of 11 have even a better than average chance of being made.

  4. Lizzy

    Well it’s not really in writing, it’s in typing, hope that’ll do. lol

  5. It’ll do for me.

    Seems to be working too, I’ve already had a phone call today about one of the projects.

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