I got two things today: stabbed in the face and a T-shirt. The T-shirt came through the letterbox, the stab in the face didn’t.

The T-shirt is from Mick Fowler, it’s a promotional T-shirt for the short film I wrote with him – ‘Quid Pro Quo … and all that’.

This is the front:



And this is the back:



I’ve never had a T-shirt with my name on before, let alone one from the production of a script I wrote (or at least co-wrote).

I was quite impressed; and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it’s better than being stabbed in the face with a rubber knife.

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6 thoughts on “Presents

  1. Lizzy

    First the big bastard sword now a rubber knife. You need to stay away from pointed objects….even if they’re rubber.

  2. Yes, but the T-shirt, the T-shirt … You’re missing the point. I didn’t, I had it jabbed into my face; but at least I didn’t do it to myself this time.

  3. Gordon Robertson

    I can only imagine the budget for the film must have been through the roof if Mick can afford to get t-shirts printed for everyone. Of course, it would have made more sense to get them printed first, thereby boosting morale for everyone on set.

    I’d probably be able to afford a promotional string-vest.

  4. Maybe he did get them printed first, I don’t know.

    Save your money on the vest, just ask everyone to turn up in a white T-shirt and bring a marker pen.

  5. Gordon Robertson

    Know where I can get a cheap marker pen?

  6. Lizzy

    Oh I’m sorry…YAY THE T-SHIRT! I want one with my name on it! I’m quite jealous. Glad you didn’t stab yourself this time….but do try to stay well away from sharp things, even rubber ones.

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