January’s script challenge – Day one

Or possibly day two, or even three – depending on how you want to look at it.

I’m calling it day one because it’s my first day of actual scripting. Yesterday (or the day before by the time I finish this post) I watched the specified reference film and wrote a brief bio for each character. Today (or yesterday by the time … you get the idea) was all about the script.

The challenge – a feature film by the 9th.

The progress – not bad actually. 25 pages today, that’s 7 more than I planned for and if we look at the board:


I’ve just finished the last card on the top row.

Which is about right. In a 90 page script, that should be somewhere around page 22-23, so allowing for editing (assuming there isn’t too much shit) I should be almost exactly bang on.

Hey, I’m actually getting better at this!

If I can keep this up, I could have it done by the 8th.

A feature film in four days!

Or five, or six, depending on how you want to look at it.

The way I see it, I have two choices:

  • 1) I can carry on at 25 pages a day, write the film in four days and edit it at my leisure on the fifth.
  • 2) I can write 16 pages a day for the next four days and panic edit it just before I send it off.

Of course, there’s always the default number three option:

  • 3) Give up, watch TV for two or three days and then slap down any old shit in the last few minutes before the deadline with no time to edit at all.

On balance, I think option number one would be the best.

Maybe I’m finally growing up?

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