January’s script challenge – Day three

Fuck me, I’ve done it.

89 pages of … I want to say glory, but since I haven’t been back through it yet that might be a bit optimistic.

I am quite surprised at how easy that was.

In fact, it was almost too easy.

I’m not tired, my fingers don’t hurt … or bleed, and I’m fairly certain it all makes sense.

Fairly certain, not absolutely.

No struggle, no confusion, no bits to sit and think about because they don’t fit.

It just went from my brain to the page with the minimum of fuss.

It feels very weird, like I’ve cheated somehow.

I still need to go back through it tomorrow and edit it, plus I know for a fact the action lines are a bit on the repetitive side. There’re only so many words for ‘corpse’ and I didn’t use any of them.

Except the actual word ‘corpse’, of course.

I’ve also got the weird feeling I overused the word ‘doorbell’ too.

Oh well, I’ll find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s pass is looking for continuity, upgrading the language from technical to reader friendly, making sure the characters don’t use the same phrases and checking all the elements are in their right places.

I know there’s going to be a lot of notes on this script anyway. There can’t help but be since the director and the producer have tried to get it off the ground once before, and have therefore been thinking about the whole thing for a couple of years.

They’re bound to have copious notes about how they’ve envisaged scenes or locations – that can’t be helped.

I’d like to think I can now take Wednesday off, but that’s not true. I’ve already got a list of notes to action for last year’s five day film – minor little things for the most part; and there’s another feature script for a different project which is bound to have a deadline slapped on it any day now.

As long as the deadline’s not Friday. I can’t help feeling I’ve set myself an even stupider precedent than last time.

Oh well, bring it on!

In other news: the brothers Kemp are on Who Wants to be a Millionaire on Tuesday. Since the last project they worked on together was Karma Magnet, I’m kinda hoping for a free plug.

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2 thoughts on “January’s script challenge – Day three

  1. Good bloody show! Beat your previous best as well. Awesome work.

  2. Speed, it’s not big and it’s not clever kids.

    Although this time it was surprisingly fun.

    Thank you.

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