January’s script challenge – Day two

43 pages today – get in!

That brings me up to page 68. I’m well ahead.

Looking at the board:


I’m in a completely new scene somewhere between the blue/green card and the yellow card at the end of the third row.

That’s right, I’m at the end of act two, mother fucker.

Which is also almost exactly on target.

Some days I scare myself.

So what does this mean?

I may well be able to finish this by tomorrow, edit it on Tuesday and actually take the last day of the deadline off.

A day off! Who’d a thunk it?

Does this mean I can now write a script in three days?

Well … no.

Sort of.

This script is flying out because I wrote the treatment last year.

June to be precise.

Which means, even though I’ve not done any work on it since then, I’ve been mulling it over for six months. Once I’ve thought of a story or even a basic concept, it rolls around in my head. Even when I’m working on other projects, my mind still occasionally wanders over to have a poke at it.

This happens for everything I do. I have little mental boxes with all the concepts in and when an idea pops up for a particular project I just drop it into the box. Over six months, this box got very full.

When I came to look in the box last week, the whole film was practically already written.

Plus, this is a re-imagining of a 70s horror film – I wasn’t going to mention that bit, but the producer says it’s alright – so there’s already a full film to watch and study. That film has the whole template laid out for me, I just have to add a few tweaks and update the characters.

Believe me, if you gave me three days to write an original film from a concept I hadn’t mulled over for a while, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Well, I might; but it would be a pile of shit.

To be fair, this one might be. I haven’t read anything I’ve written yet. I feel like I could push on tonight; but I won’t. Writing at this time of night tends to produce strange results and there’s no room in this script for dancing monkeys.

So I’m off to watch Blake’s 7.

All being well, I might finish the script tomorrow. Although tomorrow will be a short day – I’ve got to break early to teach a class tomorrow night. If anyone in the Brighton area wants to learn Kung Fu as a new year’s resolution, drop me a line.

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8 thoughts on “January’s script challenge – Day two

  1. Which episode?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

    (OK, it’s probably just me.
    But I do have a mind, and I am enquiring.)

  2. Headhunter.

  3. Headhunter’s one of the few episodes I vividly remember from childhood. Fella walking purposefully around corridors, sans noggin, right? Still haven’t got around to re-watching these DVD boxsets from the start…

    And you, Phill, are Robo-Barron. Truly remarkable behaviour.

  4. Headhunter is one of those very rare things – a good Blake’s 7 episode.

    I’ve been slowly working my way through the boxsets for a year now – my first viewing since the shows originally aired – and I’ve come to the conclusion there’s, at best, 3 good episodes per season.

    And even they’re hamstrung by lunatic costume designers, I mean, come on! What the hell were those Michelin Men suits about?

    It’s such a great concept for a TV series, but they had absolutely no idea what to do with it.

    SEASON 1

    A man finds out he’s a terrorist leader who’s been brainwashed into thinking he’s a good citizen. While he’s still coming to terms with this information, he’s captured, put on trial for being a child molester and deported to a prison planet for eternity.

    En route, he and a ragtag band of criminals escape and find the most powerful spaceship in the universe. The scene is set, the terrorist decides to bring down the corrupt government and proceeds to … fanny about for the rest of the series.

    Oh, at the end he gets a super-computer which tells him their ship is going to blow up.

    SEASON 2

    The original alien owners come for the ship, the criminal/heroes are captured and tortured, but they escape and learn it wasn’t their ship which was destined to blow up, it was an identical sister ship.

    Then they fanny around for a dozen episodes or so. One of them dies, that’s quite sad – but no one liked the character anyway, so that’s alright.

    Ooh, at the end they find the computer which is controlling the whole universe; but these aliens attack and the criminals end up defending the galaxy from an invasion!


    The war’s over (because it’s too expensive) and the crew are scattered. Can they all find their way back to their super-spaceship?

    Yes (apart from the ones who don’t want to) but it takes a few episodes and it’s quite interesting. The balance of power has shifted on the ship, the ‘bad’ criminal is now in charge and … they fanny about for another season.

    At the end of the season, the ship blows up! That’s quite sad. The crew are marooned on a planet. Oh no!

    SEASON 4

    The crew get a new ship, which doesn’t look anything like the Millenium Falcon, and new guns which don’t look anything like Han Solo’s. They get a new crew member who fits in instantly with no need to get to know anyone.

    They fanny around for the rest of the season.

    And then they all die.

    Or do they?

    God damn it, I’m supposed to be working – not ranting about Blake’s 7.

  5. I’d put the first four episodes of Blake’s 7 up there against any other televised SF.

    After that… yep, two or three a season sounds about right.

  6. Totally agree with you, although I might only go as far as the first three.

    So maybe that’s not totally agreeing with you then?

    Great concept, doesn’t go anywhere.

  7. Don’t s’pose Ron Moore’s got any love for the show, has he?

    I mean, it’s not like he can work on anything in the US right now…

  8. Have you seen the interview with Paul Darrow on the last disc?

    They ask him if there’ll ever be a Blake’s 7 revival and he replies:

    “There’s already been one, it was called Firefly.”

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