My new calender arrived this morning – a sentence which may lead you to believe this is a regular annual occurrence; when in fact, I’ve never owned a calender before.

Or at least, I’ve never bought one before. I guess I have owned one – assuming taking the free one from the Chinese takeaway and chucking it in the bin counts as owning a calender.

I like to think I can remember all the important dates, meetings and anniversaries in his life; making a calender superfluous.

In reality, I can’t remember fuck all and have to be constantly reminded by Mandy; who not only owns a calendar but actually writes stuff on it.


Anyway, I decided to buy on the grounds I might be busier this year than I’ve ever been (hopefully) and because I saw this calendar on the net and thought it was apt.

This is January’s page:

Aspiration Demotivator (Medium) 

Well, it makes me giggle.

If you haven’t seen 101 Reasons to Stop Writing, I suggest you check it out.

It’s mostly aimed at novelists, but if you screenwriters could take the advice to heart and stop competing with me – I’d appreciate it.

The calendar is available here; and I can report it’s a quality product – very nice, weighty and with lots of space to write all those important dates on.

If you can remember what and when they are in the first place.

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2 thoughts on “Demotivation

  1. I’m a bit jet-lagged at the moment and punctuation isn’t making much sense. I’ve done my best, but I think I’ll just dump a load of random marks here and you can insert them as you see fit.


  2. Really want that calendar and loved the website, very funny!

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