The Wrong Door

A few days back, apparently whilst my head was firmly up my arse, BBC Three announced their Winter/Spring 2008 season.

Two things immediately strike me about the line up.

  1. I obviously don’t watch BBC Three very much. There seem to be a lot of comedy shows returning for new seasons, shows I’ve barely heard of let alone seen.
  2. They’ve announced the sketch show I’ve been working on.

Which I’m quite excited about.

Apparently it’s now called ‘The Wrong Door’.

Which is it was called originally, before it became ‘Untitled CGI Sketch Show’. It seems it’s gone back to its original name.

The BBC Press Office has this to say about it:

The Wrong Door

This is a daring new sketch show set in a parallel universe; a fantastic world governed by the laws of comedy – not nature – and where special effects seen in the movies and on TV are part of everyday life.

In this parallel universe, herds of space hoppers and shopping trolleys roam the countryside; robots play tennis; mini-bars come with a helpful mini-barman; magazines come with a free, blow-up boyfriend; and mp3 players generate 3-D popstar holograms and monsters under the bed.

In this world, viewers can meet the Booze Fairies, the Wizard of Oswestry, the World’s Most Annoying Creature and a love-struck dinosaur called Phillip. Here, superheroes, wizards, dinosaurs and monsters casually go about their business amongst the daily irritations of explosions, disasters, battles, chases and driving lessons.

With its genre-busting mix of celebrity cameos, unimaginable locations and impossible visual effects, The Wrong Door heralds a brave new world of comic possibility.


I still don’t really know how many, if any, of my sketches have made it into the final edit; but at least two items on the above list seem to refer to my work.

A careful scrutiny of the list might lead you to an obvious conclusion; but you’d be wrong – the love sick dinosaur was called Phillip before I got involved in the project.

The British Sitcom Guide seem to have found a photo of him from somewhere:


I think Phillip is the one on the right. As you can see, he’s plainly not ginger – although he does have my nose.

If any more information becomes available, such as scheduling dates or cast or anything vaguely interesting, can someone let me know? I always seem to be the last one to find out about this sort of stuff, possibly because I don’t pay enough attention; but more likely because I have a very short attention span and frequently get distracted by shiny objects.

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15 thoughts on “The Wrong Door

  1. From the press release: “Coming Of Age: This brand-new sitcom, written by 19-year-old Tim Dawson…”

    Should not a coming of age comedy be written with at least a couple of years of perspective?

    Translation: 19? 19? I hate him. I hate him to death.

    Very cool news about the show. The dinosaur bodes well for the special effects as well. And if I had to guess which idea was yours… um… the minibarman?

  2. Good point, what age do people ‘come of age’? According to Wikipedia its 18 or 21.

    If it’s 18, he wrote that fast.

    Bloody good luck to him though, your own sitcom at 19? That’s impressive.

    There are a couple of reviews of the pilot on imdb:

    I guess the first one is the intended audience and the second on is probably the intended audience’s dad.

    Or Grand dad.

    No, the minibar-man isn’t mine … wish it was.

  3. Wasn’t two pints of crisps writen by 20 year old or something? (Comes to something when you’re two lazy to search google)

    Wrong Door sounds great though, I’d set a video if anyone used them any more.

  4. Susan Nickson, and yes I think she was 19 too. I also think she was somehow involved in ‘Coming of Age’.

    Script editor or consultant or something … I too am too lazy to Google.

  5. I am not too lazy to google.

    I have just decided not to.

  6. Here’s more on that 19 year old scriptwriter, (Tim Dawson):

    Why isn’t clickable?

    In the article he says: “So why isn’t there a TV show that talks about life from my perspective, that talks about youth, openly, honestly, truthfully? Now there is.”

    One, two, three: OH FUCK OFF !!

    When he has sex for the first time will it be : Wow, I’ve discovered something completely new that not many of you know about.

    Phil, congratulations on the sketch show, but you shouldn’t have let us see that bit about the 19 year old sitcom writer. That’s all anyone is focusing on now – feel free to have screaming hissy fit.

  7. Bugger me! It IS clickable.

  8. Gordon Robertson

    Nice one, Phill! Your entree into the land of tee-vee.

    I’m guessing space hoppers and magazine boyfriends. What do I win?

  9. “You shouldn’t have let us see that bit about the 19 year old sitcom writer.”

    Sorry, my fault.

  10. Oli, I hold you entirely responsible.

    And come on! Give the guy a break. He’s achieved what I and everyone who reads this blog aspires to – their own series. Rein in that jealousy and think about why you didn’t achieve that at 19.

    In my case, because I was too busy failing to get laid to think about being a writer.

    I didn’t see the pilot of ‘Coming of Age’ but either it’s good enough to get a series commissioned or the middle-aged commissioner thinks it’s shit and therefore assumes it must be what ‘the kids’ want.

    Either way, be inspired by someone else’s success.

    Even if he is a spawny git who’ll be burnt out by the time he’s 21.

  11. Aw come on Phill, give us a break. If we weren’t bitter and cynical we wouldn’t be writers.

    Congrats on your first TV credit by the way. You big-nosed ginger bastard. 🙂

  12. Morris

    imdb says its his second or is that a lie

  13. It’s not a lie, but ‘Shoot the Writers’ doesn’t count on grounds of taste and quality.

  14. js

    Phillip, the last dinosaur
    He’s my friend and a whole lot more

    (to the tune of Denver, the Last Dinosaur)


    Ok. Well done pal

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