Spread the word

Or don’t, it’s up to you really.

If you’re feeling friendly, come over to the Mixed Up MySpace page and add yourself as a friend.

If you’re not feeling friendly, do it anyway.

If you’re feeling aggressive and downright abusive, still do it and stop whining.

Once you’ve added yourself, why not tell your friends?

I believe that’s how this word of mouth/social networking thing is supposed to work.

While you’re there, why not add your favourite song lyric?

I’m also interested in your favourite music trivia, anything funny, touching or vaguely interesting about your favourite bands. There’s no section for that on the page yet, but feel free to post any here.

So there you are: Mixed Up, MySpace, lyrics, trivia, add yourself – GO!


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2 thoughts on “Spread the word

  1. Added!

    I even commented on the band blog thing.

    Yes this is how good i realy am… Or possibly not, it’s only a blog after all.

    Even so- sounds good!

    Can T-Rex’s actually sit down anyway?

  2. They can, but tragically they never invented chairs.

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