I’ve just been doing a bit of research for a new project and I’ve noticed something peculiar. In the world of fictional detectives/heroes, there don’t seem to be any female sidekicks.

There are plenty of female detectives or female heroes and superheroes – but very few, bordering on none, instantly recognisable female sidekicks.

And by recognisable I’m talking Robin, Doctor Watson, Tonto level of recognition; not Carrie-the-female-Robin-no-one-except-people-who-read-comics-has-heard-of level.

It’s bugging me a bit, I need to find at least one female sidekick for this thing. There are plenty of people who almost count: Willow, Amy Allen, Thelma and Daphne, but they’re not really sidekicks.

There’s Gabrielle from Xena, I suppose …

Damn, I’ve just answered my own question, rendering this post a bit pointless.

I hate it when that happens.

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17 thoughts on “Sidekicks

  1. Matt M

    What about the numerous female “sidekicks” of Doctor Who?

  2. That is a good point. You would have thought watching Doctor Who whilst doing the research would have tipped me off to that.

  3. Matt M

    There’s Lois Lane as well. And would Penny from Inspector Gadget be pushing things a bit?

    Aside from them, I’m at a loss. You would’ve thought there’d be a lot more, what with the opportunity to put them in skimpy outfits and all.

  4. Yeah, Lois Lane drifts into love interest rather than sidekick – she doesn’t actually fight crime with Superman.

    Penny … is Penny a sidekick? I don’t know. She’s actually the brains behind the operation isn’t she? I think maybe the dog is her sidekick.

  5. Lisa

    Hi, first time poster to your site – though I do love reading what you get up to.

    Anyway, what about Inpector Linley, he’s got a female sidekick.

  6. Hello Lisa,

    Inspector Linley … see, my ignorance here is so complete I don’t even know Linley’s gender, let alone his/her sidekick. How well known is she?

  7. Lisa

    Inspector Linley ran over about six series and featured Nathanial Parker as Linley and Sharon Small as DS Barbara Havers. I suppose her renown is dependent on how many people watched ILM but I think it had quite a following. It’s regularly shown on UKtv Drama but I don’t think they’ve made any recent ones (I could be wrong). She was the tough, Londoner to his refined upper class detective. I think they were based on a series of books by an American author.

  8. Hmm … that might just do it.


  9. Lisa

    Sorry, on a roll now – there’s the earlier ‘Wycliffe’ detective series that featured Detective Inspector Lucy Lane to Det Supt Wycliffe though technically he had two sidekicks, Lucy and DI Doug Kersey.

  10. Was she a hard-bitten Londoner too?

  11. Lisa

    No they all hung out in mean and moody Cornwall and talked Mummershire lol

  12. Is she a sidekick or a partner?

    I think there’s a subtle difference.

  13. Definitely not Mrs Peel or Mrs Gale. You could make a case for Tara or Purdey though.

    There was a girl in the first series of the A-Team. But she didn’t last long.

  14. Amy Allen – she does sort of have that spare part feel to her; and the girl after her … Tanya Baker?

    I’d probably put them both as random sex appeal rather than a proper sidekick though. Weird that in the 80s – they introduce these characters who serve no plot function and are blatantly there for sauciness, then they cover them from neck to ankle.

    It’s all very Victorian.

  15. sheepy

    Agent 99! From Get Smart! She was the best sidekick ever when I was 7. (The original of course, not whatsername with Steve Carrell in the new film)

  16. She is indeed awesome.

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