Karma Magnet online

I hate this bit, you know, the bit where people can actually see your work and be nasty about it … but here it is, Karma Magnet for your viewing pleasure:


I’m going to go and hide.

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13 thoughts on “Karma Magnet online

  1. Matt M

    Cool idea. Great script.

    Loved it. 🙂

  2. crustynomad

    Great film – I really enjoyed that. Very well put together…some questionable acting in places but that shouldn’t detract from a fine piece. Good work!

  3. Lizzy

    Very well written Phill! I really enjoyed it, even if I can’t watch the end! I have to say the ending was goodish though..I did see it through my fingers…I have a hard time watching Gary Kemp die…it’s a thing. You should be very proud Mr. Barron!

  4. Hi Phil

    I loved this film, very clever story. It’s good to watch something that is a bit different from the norm. Well done.

  5. Lizzy

    The more I watch this my mind changes what it’s about, it intrigues me. Just brilliant Phill!

  6. enjoyed that, cheers Phill!

  7. Nick Pilgrim

    Looks pretty awsome! Agreed about the acting- some questionable bits, but incredibly well written- so yeah, you should be proud!!

    Love the twist(s) as well!

  8. Why thank you, one and all.

  9. ContainsNuts

    Its a great achievement to get something like that made with the names attached to it too. Did you start off with it being a short? Or do you have a feature version? Well done, original story.

  10. Long story.

    It started as a pitch for ‘Coming Up’ and while I was waiting for that to be decided I mentioned it in passing to Martin Kemp’s business partner, Jonathan Sothcott.

    They were looking to put together a horror/thriller anthology feature and absolutely loved it. They decided to make that as the first segment of six in order to raise budget for the rest.

    So it started as a 30 min idea, was written as a ten minute idea and slowly expanded to a 15 min script.

    Actually, that wasn’t such a long story after all.

  11. ContainsNuts

    Excellent. I must say, I really enjoy this blog. I’ve recently got my foot on the comedy-writing ladder (radio sketches) and so the tips and experiences are really useful as I want to get into screenwriting, so thanks.

  12. ginger

    Brilliant story, Phil! If KM is any indication, I truly hope the other segments you wrote see the light of day very soon 😀 Great mix of seriousness and dark humor….

  13. Well … you never know.

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