I’m back

… and I’m kicking bottom.

So, d’ya miss me? Huh? Did ya? D’ya miss me?

I bet you did.

Come on, ‘fess up; who’s been waiting eagerly for my return?

None of you? Really?


Okay, fine. Sod you then.

I’ve been having a great time. Thank you all for your congratulations on the last post, they’re all much appreciated. So far Alice is a very laid back baby …

She tends to sleep more than she whinges and we’re all feeling very rested and happy.

I haven’t done a scrap of writing in the last two weeks and I’m itching to get back into it. The next week’s already mapped out and a few other projects are lurking in the wings waiting for a spare day or two to shine.

Although I’ve been bone idle for fourteen whole days, things have been ticking over in my absence and stuff has been happening without any extra effort from me. In the last two weeks:

1) Fleeced started shooting. This is my third feature to go into production this year and I can’t help thinking one every two months isn’t a bad average. The cast includes George Calil, Alan Convy and Natasha White; and it’s directed by Humaira Shah … beyond that I don’t really know anything. I’ll post more info as and when I get it.



2) An old project, one I thought long since dead, has resurfaced and threatens to spring into life once more. I was so convinced this one was dead it hasn’t even crossed my mind for months; but apparently there is a way forward. Wheels have been set in motion, steam is building up and I’m currently wandering the globe (or at least the UK … and by email, which probably doesn’t count as wandering) trying to get the band back together.

3) An extremely well established project, one which had got so far down the line it didn’t seem feasible it could go wrong, has gone wrong. Sort of. In the best traditions of the industry it threatened to implode in a frenzy of incompetence, political bullshit and bitchy back-stabbing. Although, that may have all been sorted now.

4) I got an invite to a screening of The Wrong Door, which takes place next week. I’m looking forward to this as I have absolutely no idea of what to expect. The weird thing about working on a sketch show is you don’t know what any of the other material will be like or how much of it will be yours. To be fair, I have read a handful of other sketches from other writers; but I’ve no idea if any of them made the final cut.

And 5) I got a few quotes in an article on TwelvePoint.com, written by our very own Lucy. Since this article was featured on the very first day of the launch of this fantastic new site; I’m chuffed to have at least got a vague mention. Probably not quite as chuffed as Lucy to have actually written the article; but chuffed none-the-less.

And that’s about it. Isn’t that enough considering I’ve done nothing for two weeks?

Oh, and to back up Stuart Perry’s post about Cyril Connolly’s quote “The pram in the hallway is the enemy of art” …


Where there’s a deadline, there’s a way.

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11 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. I missed all the valuable advice and great humour – oh, hang on this isn’t James’s blog. Only kidding – welcome back and, my, what big feet you have!

  2. Yes, I’m very stable and rarely fall over.

  3. I love the synopsis of Fleeced, lots of layers (that wasn’t supposed to be a pun). You release you are now too successful to pen a ‘How to Write…’ book?

  4. Gordon Robertson

    Welcome back, mate. Pink laptop + nipper on chest = a man confortable with his sexuality.

  5. Poor wee mite, she looks just like you! 😉

    … Joking aside, she is cute as anything.

    How will you cope when she’s big enough to kick the keyboard, huh? Huh? Oops! Was that the delete key?
    Mind you, the rate you churn them out, that’s not a worry. Eh? You speed-typist you.

    [Scuse the green hue, I’m feeling a little inadequate. — Or maybe that was lunch?]

  6. I’m installing my patented baby-care system: large strips of velcro which run around every wall and a furry baby-gro.

    Say you want to wash the dishes, you just stick her up on the wall and wash away; content in the knowledge she’s secure and out of harm’s way.

    Now retailling at £599.99

  7. The Barron is back! Tremendous. Christ, if you’d been at the Screenwriters’ Festival it would’ve been so intensely brilliant that I might have died. So I’m glad you didn’t go.

  8. You’d be amazed how many people are glad I’m nowhere near them.

    Or maybe you wouldn’t be.

  9. Firstly, thanks for including me on your blogroll! Secondly, Alice really does look pinkly plumptious. She doesn’t have that orange faced new look about her at all. When babies are teeny I’ve found, apart from the feeding and changing, they’re a lot easier to fit the writing in than when they’re older and want your Conversation, and for you to Do Things with them. Tch! So tiresome. With tinies, as long as they’re warm and fed and not covered in poo, they’re usually very adaptable.

    And remember you’ll always be the First Man in her life. Her blueprint of men will be gotten entirely from you. So, no pressure then . . . .


  10. Ah, so ginger and irritable then?

    I wish you hadn’t told me that, the power is going to my head. I’m the guy who wanted twins so he could experiment on one and see if I could make him/her evil.

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