Words about me

Look, look! Words about me, people talking about me and stuff:


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7 thoughts on “Words about me

  1. Hey! No promoting yourself on my blog. This is all about me, god damn it. Me!

  2. Gordon Robertson

    Nice one, Phill. Always good to get your name thrown around the industry. Having taken over your TS mantle this past year, maybe I’ll be next (yeah, right). You can’t ‘alf witter on though – gawd ‘elp me when we meet up Friday.

  3. Luckily for you, I’m practically mute in real life.

  4. Gordon Robertson

    Good. We’ll just write on beer mats then. Or communicate via mime.

  5. Bloody hell, I hope the backs better otherwise you’ll be a right sight!

  6. interesting visual… LOL

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