Wrong Door bits

Ooh, look! Wrong Door on YouTube:







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12 thoughts on “Wrong Door bits

  1. Helen Smith

    Great. Are they all yours? I like the ‘transformer’ ones a lot.

  2. Nope, sadly none of them are mine. I’m just bigging up the show in general.

  3. Gordon Robertson

    Tricksy and state of the art? Yup. Funny? Nope. But I’ll still be watching, if only for yours Phill. The ones you showed me moons ago were inspired – let’s hope they used some of those.

  4. Ah, makes me laugh.

  5. I’m sure its just a coincidence that most of the clips here are everyday setup followed by CGI punchline. After a few, you almost are prepared for it. I did like the zebra crossing and photocopier ones in particular. I look forward to seeing Phill’s ones.

    Where do I sign-up for the exclusive Barron clip club?

  6. There was a tendency when writing sketches to have that kind of viral feel to it – ordinary situation with CGI punchline; but a lot of the sketches have the CGI integrated all the way through. Also, each episode has a story which runs from beginning to end, punctuated by shorter one off and recurring sketches. You can probably work out what some of the stories are about based on the episode titles.

    I suspect they’ve choosen these sketches because they’re short and virally, which means they do have a similar theme to them.

  7. God, it shows you how much CGI has come along – and especially how affordable it’s become – when a sketch show can ladle out a load of it. The effects are really good, too. The breakdancing one is pretty seamless. And, of course, ticklesome.

  8. Yeah, that makes sense Phill. Its looking good and a great achievement to get on this. One question: are you happy with your sketches? 🙂

  9. Jason: one of the effects guys was Chris Taylor, who directed a film he and I co-wrote; LVJ (www.lvjmovie.com). Chris did the effects for that movie single-handed (more or less) and he did quite a spiffy job.

    Contains Nuts: do I have to call you that? Nut-boy? The Nutster? Anyway, am I happy with my sketches? … I don’t know. I’m not unhappy, but I find it difficult to laugh at my own work. The performances are great, they look fantastic and at the screening everyone else laughed at them … but I have no concept of whether I find them funny or not. I guess I’ll wait and see what other people think.

  10. Looks terrific Phillip. I read somewhere it’s the same FX team as ‘Time Trumpet’ which makes this doubly at the top of my ‘to watch; list.

  11. You can call me WarningMayContainNuts if it helps. Although some people call me Cnuts which is a typo away from disaster. My question was a playful reference to the question you dread. It made sense after four Corona’s.

  12. Ah, if only my phone didn’t strip away smilies from my emails, I might have got that.

    Probably wouldn’t, but that’s more my fault than yours.

    I will try to pay more attention next time.

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